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May 28, 2008

(No word on the toxicology results still...)The results for toxicology tests for the two remaining Riverside baby hawks should be available very soon. I spoke to the lab today (May 27th) and they are just finalizing them.********Central Park's horrible garbage management

Our Riverside Park hawks continue to mate on one of their old favorite places.

Riverside Park Dad in the middle of the Westside Highway.
Right now there are many important items of business on the minds of all in this picture; Some people may be rushing home to pickup their kids from piano class, others may be anxious to make that career-deciding dinner engagement, yet another is probably nervous about a closing on their new house, I'm sure there may be someone trying to catch a flight to God knows where. But above them all there is someone whose mind is occupied with the most important item of them all, and that is to catch some dinner for him and his mate at the edge of the river before the sun goes down.

All images photographed on Wednesday May 28, 2008.

Central Park's Filthy Habits

Riverside Park facts (updated May 22, 2008) - - - Recent mail/Riverside Tragedy(Updated May 27, 2008)

UC Davis lab results are in for the 1st retrieved baby hawk from Riverside Park:
Blood/organ samples contained lethal levels of two anti-coagulant rodenticides.
I will publish more information when I am allowed to. Please note that this information comes from just one set of test results. There are several more to be performed--bear in mind that only the pathologist can officially declare the actual cause of death in the baby hawks.