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May 26, 2014 #2

At first sight this picture may not appear to have anything to do with hawks--nothing to do with Palemale and his family. But actually it is this very thing which directly affects our hawks because when the rats come out to do what Nature is directing them to do then the unthinking, uncaring human reaction comes out armed with rat poison!

I get upset when I see these situations but what good is getting upset. I write a few letters to try to get something done but obviously I do not write enough.

But I'll keep observing and I'll keep writing and who knows maybe something favorable may come out of it or even better--maybe I'll learn how not to care.

There was an old Honeymooners episode where Ralph and Norton got angry at each other while playing pool. On leaving the pool room, they accidentally put on the wrong overcoats, so when they realized that each had the other's property they both began ripping and tearing the garments apart.
The fact that they presently hated each other and knowing they both had temporary possession of property belonging to another person who they didn't care about, both did all they could to ruin the property, not caring for what it would cost the real owner to repair when it would be finally turned over to them.

When I observe what is becoming of our beautiful city I get the sad feeling that none of us really care for it enough to try and save it.

Perhaps, like Ralph and Norton, many of us who disgrace the city like this are really trying to hurt it because we know we all have to give it up at some point.

It hurts me to see people treat New York City like this especially Central Park because it's my home. I've never lived any other place where I felt so at home.

I wasn't born here and I don't even have a New York accent, but until I ever discover someplace else where I may call home, this city is my home. So I don't like to see people drop their cigarette butts on the sidewalk and carve their name on the trees, and I don't like to see cops cheating us either by idling and not doing what we pay them to do.
Most of all I don't like to see adults taking advantage of children--the true owners of New York City who will have to take possession soon. I don't want to leave to them, a ripped-up overcoat.
I don't feel good in handing them over a city that is stretched and busted with no clean water to drink and filthy air to breathe. I don't want to see all their trees chopped down to build skyscrapers and sports stadiums. I don't want to see all the good places to eat disappear to make room for fast food joints to serve them unhealthy addictive food.
And I don't want to hand over to them a city that is only known for scandal and degenerate behavior when there are so many great minds that live here with so much to share but who are brushed aside to spotlight people who are just takers and not givers.

I'm going to write a few more letters to at least say I tried so when my little friends come over to say hi I could look them in the eye with the least amount of shame.