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May 24, 2008

The results for toxicology tests for the two remaining Riverside baby hawks should be available on Tuesday May 27th.

Riverside Park facts (updated May 22, 2008) - - - Recent mail/Riverside Tragedy (Updated May 22)

Riverside hawks were mating on a tower around 86th Street & Riverside Drive.

From a very short conversation with a Riverside Park employee;
"Hawks nests don't usually work the first time..."

"We don't use poisons anywhere in this park..." he said grinning, "Maybe they got it from Jersey..."

Palemale's daughter sitting over the Henry Hudson Highway with New Jersey in the background.
I overheard a man on Houston Street Friday afternoon saying that when he was a little boy all you saw were trees when you looked over toward New Jersey. After all this destruction of what were homes for so many animals, today we refuse to tolerate a few Canada Geese eating some grass. This is not 'sad', it is wrong! A new attitude must be adopted towards animals worldwide; a good place to start this new attitude is in Central Park--toward Canada Geese.

Just like it will not be tolerated to have anyone molest Lola if she's sitting on her eggs or taking a nest break, or any other time for that matter...

just so it should not be tolerated to have anyone molest this little female squirrel as she goes about her day.

It's easy to see that this is a girl...

Triboro Bridge Mom taking a break after feeding her three babies.

Triboro Bridge Dad hunting further west toward the East River.

All images photographed on Saturday May 24, 2008.

Riverside Park facts (updated May 20, 2008) - - - Recent mail/Riverside Tragedy

UC Davis lab results are in for the 1st retrieved baby hawk from Riverside Park:
Blood/organ samples contained lethal levels of two anti-coagulant rodenticides.
I will publish more information when I am allowed to. Please note that this information comes from just one set of test results. There are several more to be performed--bear in mind that only the pathologist can officially declare the actual cause of death in the baby hawks.