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I open your page, as i do every morning, for my daily dose of inspiration. but this morning i found you lamenting over Palemale and Lola's elusive success this year, and the state of things in general. i felt your sorrow with every word read. and though, this year may be a disappointment for this pair, there is so much that has been achieved by your actions in championing their cause.

through your words and your eyes, you have brought so many people together. through a common cause, verteran birdwatchers - and the upcoming new upstarts of nature lovers - are captivated by your work and inspired by your words. PM's fans number far and wide, and with a shared voice, are united with you. and though i know this comes with some sacrifice, please know that your actions do not go unheeded, that their story has not gone untold, that your love for nature is shared by so many, and that there is still hope so long as none of us give up.

yes, humanity may sometimes be cruel and unkind. yes, humanity can be callous and crass. but for the few, such as you - who stand head and shoulders above the rest - it is all the more reason not to relent. our heroes, PM and Lola, continue to persevere, regardless of what happens. they have literally flown in the face of opposition and continue to inspire us all. and in their wake, a dynasty has emerged and a slowly growing group of hawks follow their path. it seems Nature knows something special when she finds it.

and so it is with you, dear Lincoln. please gather strength, as these two have, and remember that your friends are never far, only waiting in the wings to rally with you.

with love from LA, Anna.

(should you ever need help in maintaining the site or hosting it, i'm happy to assist)


XXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don`t let those Ignorant or Lazy people get to you!! There are so many people like myself who so appreciate you and all you do in them many hours it takes for you to do it!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! as for this years is indeed so very sad especially to me when i see Lola still sitting on them, what a dedicated pair these are, and only God knows why their eggs failed but due to a multitude of reasons could be anyone or several. from toxins in their food supply to that last very cold and unexpected snow storm we had. Yes i agree would be nice for someone to examine the eggs before they explode from decay. it would be nice to know if they were in fact fertile. i do understand your frustration, and unfortunately your love for these guys is not mutual to many, and those apt dwellers that go in and out of those cement walls are at best pathetic with their self serving bullsh%$.it`s all about them......never mind how many beautiful foxes minks etc. had to die so they could impress someone...sorry for ranting Lincoln , you are a dear sweet dedicated man, and i , one in thousands adore your work and Pale Male and Lola and Pale Male Jr, and Charlotte.......hey when will we get a peek at their new baby...or babies?????.......d.j


I was very sorry to read on your web site that you donot think you will continue to post. I've been logging onto nearly every daysince they tore down the nest. I love yourphotographs and bought your book. Your photographshave captured Palemale and Lola as they try to livetheir daily lives: how they interact with each other,how they cope with nature. In the middle of hecticdays at work, I look at your photographs and they giveme peace. I just wanted to let you know that people love whatyou do. If you find it in your heart to continue,please know that it will be greatly appreciated.



I just read your comments posted on your site yesterday. You are letting it all get to you and that I can understand. The world is full of idiots with their stupid remarks. Maybe you would be better off giving it a break for a while. You are there every day and have been for a very long time. You bring incredible shots every day for which I am thankful. However, you don't need to live your life so angry at people. It is very bad for your overall health and you will end up with high blood pressure and other ailments if you don't stop it. I get concerned for you when you get on your soap box. I know what it is like, because I get enraged about a lot of things, but I have really tried not to get to that point often. Life is too short, and there beautiful things in it. You just need to find a quiet spot and watch PM and Lola on your own. They obviously bring great joy to you.

I was saying to Carol the other day that Cohen and Zahn no longer live in the building and are now divorced. Too bad they ever got there in the first place. PM and L will do whatever they have to do. I think PM likes the building because he would not be there; he would have left long ago. I don't know how hawks are in the wild; whether they have young ones as long as they are alive, however old they get. PM certainly has a lot of young ones flying around which no one can take away. Generations descended from him and his mates; now how wonderful is that?

I have not been to the Park in a long time. It is because I can check your site and give updates to Carol, who always asks about you and your feathered friends. Hopefully I will get there in the next month and get to see you then. Take care of yourself, and breathe deeply when some jerk makes a stupid remark. Listen for the birds' songs in the surrounding trees and those voices will soon fade away.



I just finished reading your posting. You sound so discouraged. I also read some of the responses. Perhaps, like someone suggested youcould photograph them once a week. The rest of the time you could justwatch them and be in their presence. It's almost as if in some of thephotographs that Pale Male and Lola are looking right at you and evenrecognize you. It's certainly understandable why you're feeling this way, but your site isthe only way so many of us are able to share the greatness of Pale Male and Lola.

Take care, Heidi.


I want to thank you for your amazing photos and unique commentary. Not only do I look forward, each day, to seeing your work but I find myself thinking about your photos and your words as I go about my day. I cannot tell you how personally I felt the disappointment that Palemale and Lola, once again, failed to hatch their eggs. It is as if a close friend has suffered a horrible disappointment. I hope that the eggs are examined and an explanation offered. I understand that you will make decisions about your actions and the future of the Palemale site. You certainly should do whatever it is that keeps you on your unique path. I will miss your astounding photos and I hope you will always remember the many, many folks to whom you have given your wonderful gift. As for Palemale and Lola, their offspring and fellow creatures, they could not have a better friend than you. Thank you again. I will keep visiting Ďtil you say goodbye.

Sue P


Iíve read your site for over three years now and felt compelled to write today. Every day I sit in an office with no windows to the outside world for up to 12 hours a day. But whenever I have needed a break, Iíve only needed to look at your site. Seeing Pale Male and Lola (as well as Pale Male Jr.) fly free has always made me feel good. Iíve always been an animal lover, which is why I give money to animal charities each year instead to any devoted to people. There are people who care, people who love watching the ducks swim in the ponds, love to have squirrels run around in the trees, and love to have hawks fly free in the sky.

Thank you for all of your work you have done to bring us into Pale Male and Lolaís world. I hope youíll continue it, and ignore those who canít understand how great animals are.

Best Regards, Genevieve, Redmond WA


Lincoln . . . You da man! I just want you to know how much I enjoy you sharing your visits withPalemale & Lola, et. al. I check your site at least 3 times a week butmostly 5 times a week and often on weekends. Through your eyes andcamera, I've come to know these guys over the years as my family too. I'm a true wildlife lover and enjoy the many facial expressions youcatch on our buddies. It is disheartening to know that callous peoplehave no clue what they miss and / or destroy by actions or, in somecases, lack of action. I've not been to New York since 9/11, but I'vewanted to come up to spend time in the Park that I feel I know, thanksto you. As often as I've been to The City over my life, I've alwaysenjoyed Broadway shows and Yankee games, but never went to Central Park. Now, when I talk of coming to New York, my "only" destination isCentral Park and the domain of Palemale and Lola. Thanks, again,Lincoln; you have no idea how much joy you bring to so many people allover the world. And that's why "you da man," Lincoln.

Thanks. Jerry B.


I have written to you before and I know you get thousands of emails but after today when I read your frustrations I felt compelled again to write you. You are to us what Pale Male and Lola are to you, something to hang onto that is real. Please don't stop taking the pictures. Nothing is life is going to be exactly the way we want but look at what we have, not what we don't have. I believe that when we are in heaven or what we perceive heaven to be, all the bad things here will be replaced by good things there. Look past what you see today and remember that everything on this planet is connected. Everything. Please don't stop taking the pictures.


Please do not lose heart. You have been such an eloquent ambassador for us all, and it's so much easier to hear the voices of the nay-sayers, the jokers, the heartless losers of which there are so many. Please don't forget the voices you may never hear;

The children with their wide-open eyes, meeting Pale Male and Lola at your site The disabled, who's world expands with every wingbeat you capture The ex-pats (like me) who visit NY almost daily on your page

Please do not listen to the loud ugly voices. They have always been there and they always will. Please try instead to listen to the shy, quiet, worshipful voices who appreciate SO MUCH the pleasure and enlightenment you've brought them. How many converts do you think you've made? I'm sure they're uncountable. You have truly made the world a better place, my friend.

Love, Lisa Schultz San Jose, CA


You sounded so down today...please know we are thinking good thoughts for you.

Your pictures inspire us but we understand you have other commitments too.

Just wanted to share a wonderful sight we saw on Sunday morning...about 300 Cormorants migrating back from the South, flying silently North...we thought they were geese at first but there was no noise, just a gigantic black Vee formation. Of course we did not take the camera that day !!! Then you had that great photo of the Cormorant on the water on your web site....Lovely. Thankyou,

The Harris family, Pennsylvania

May 8, 2007

I am not only e mailing this to you but sending it through snail mail. Please do not think me too forward but I wanted you to know how much you have meant to so many people.

After going to the Pale Male site this morning Ė I was extremely upset by your writings. God knows that you have EVERY right to feel as you do, considering the amount of effort that you put into our cause. I say ďourĒ because I want you to realize that although you do all the hard physical work Ė you have touched the hearts, feelings and emotions of many people worldwide. You HAVE made a difference in the way these magnificent animals (ALL of them) are thought about and treated.

I belong to many nature and bird forums and it is amazing how people mention the awareness they have noticed because of you. Especially in children. And they are our future. I feel your despair almost every day when another idiot cuts down a tree on Long Island. I have a small 6 acre piece of what I thought was untouchable nature in the Catskills. When we bought it 20 years ago Ė it was us on a mountain with the animals. We built a small cabin that fit within the trees so nothing was disturbed. My children spent every summer with no electricity or running water but animals galore. The day that I finally put in electricity (underground) Ė my daughter cried because she didnít want to change anything. NOW Ė the people have come and the deer & bear are few. So I know your despair at the stupidity of man.

However, I have also learned from the animals and my children. The animals will adapt Ė probably better than those of us that love them so. And the love for nature that you instill in children will NEVER go away.

As for your part in putting Pale Males nest back - you must believe that that single act was without question the most important thing you have ever accomplished in this quest. Because of that, people all over the world had buried emotions and respect of animals renewed in their hearts. You made them come alive again and feel what is REALLY important. Pale Male has reproduced and his line will continue but without your help Ė no one would have cared as much. Now so many around the world do. Be proud Ė and donít ever second guess your actions when them come from love.

I have enclosed a copy of an email that I sent you a while ago in case you didnít get it. It pertains to the eggs not hatching and you.

May I make a small suggestion? Maybe it is time that you take a break. Update the site once a week instead of daily. But please donít leave us forever. So many depend on the site. Then you could concentrate on your personal life and rest. Also, maybe you could show your pictures to school children. Talk to them as they are clean slates and most want so much to love nature and animals. They just need to be fed and nurtured properly.

I am sorry this is so long but I wanted you to know that so many people actually care about YOU, too, and thank you for helping us to love again. As Pale Male has done. That will be his greatest legacy Ė not how many children he has had.

Forever in your debt and with great affection, Debbie J.

PS Ė Here is the previous email, in case you didnít read it before :

Hi Lincoln, I have written to you a few times before. This time I am not concerned about Pale Male and Lola but about you. I check your site every morning and lately I seem to sense a change in your enthusiasm. I hope all is well with you. I realize how much the world (and especially you) wanted to see some babies this year. God knows that I never want the magic of these creatures to end. They, through your doings, have brought more love and caring into this world than you can imagine. And the amazing thing is that it will continue every time a hawk is seen flying.

I guess what I am trying to say is that maybe we are asking too much of them. They have accomplished so much more than any living creatures I can think of - or any event. Even the effects of love and caring from the horrors of 911 wore off too soon. But I believe in my soul that the love & understanding these birds and you have created will be passed down through generations.

Please don't be too sad. Whatever is the problem - it doesn't matter. It can not take away from their majesty. Their children will continue the line of wonder if they can not. I love them (as I know you do) because they are them. I swore I could almost see a touch of sadness in their eyes in the last pictures that you posted and that shouldn't be. Maybe if we all just rejoice in there being with us another year - they, too, will not be as sad.

As always - thank you from my heart ( and so many others in the world) for your time, work, soul and insight into Pale Male & Lola as well as all the other creatures you bring to us. It does make such a difference in so many lives.

Debbie J.


Please don't give up, if you do you'll be even more miserable thenbefore. You love those birds and I can't imagine that you would stopphotographing them and watching over them. We have a 53 acre farm by San Marcos, Texas and just discovered that wehave some hawks out there. Now my husband is feeding the doves,cardinals, mockingbirds and the blue jays, he said that he wanted thehawks to have plenty of food unfortunately at the cost of the others.

Sylvia G.


That will be a very sad day indeed. I will treasure, even more than I already do, the pictures I log on every morning and evening to see.

I truly hope and pray that you will always photograph Palemale and Lola and all the beautiful wildlife in Central Park.

With warm regards to you, Liz Watrous Chester, CT


I was not surprised to read your notes this morning concerning how discouraging it is for you (and many of us) to see that the two have not produced again this year. I hope they are quick to forget losses like that like many other creatures seem to do after a tragedy. I don't know just how long I have had this site as my favorite one and the first to check on each day but I know it goes back to soon after it started. I think you have influenced many people with your personal attitude to life on this earth. It is commendable and I think I have become a better person because of your writings and really appreciate that. It's been sad for me also to get hopes up concerning the eggs and then find that it just isn't happening. Also sad to hear that you may soon be shutting it down but I can't blame you. You've given a lot to it. If you have a list of e-mail friends who you will keep informed of any future ventures on the net, please enter my address so I can continue to follow your endeavors. I'm 78 years old and have not been one to hand out compliments but you are one that deserves all you get. Thanks and if it gets too tough in New York just come out here to South Dakota,ha. Best of everything to you from one of your unseen friends.



I feel and share your pain for Pale Male and Lola's situation. In their own way, they show us that in spite of adversity, we should never give up, and try, try again. They continue, by their mere existence, and you Lincoln, through chronicling their daily lives, to bring joy, love and incredible understanding of all of God's beautiful creatures and some not so beautiful.

Please do not give up.

Dawn M.


I donít know what to say to help you. I saw your frustration and anger over the events taking place all around you in the park, i.e. kite flying, rat poisoning, the structure created for the nest, etc. when we saw you speak at the Castle in March. It was sad to hear the pain in your voice and it is now even sadder to know that your days are numbered for your work on the Pale Male site. I understand how overwhelmed you must feel as it seems you are one individual against a very rotten world. All I can say is, little people like me and my husband have thoroughly enjoyed looking at your site everyday and reading your beautiful words. You have been a guardian angel for Pale Male and Lola. You have brought tears to my eyes to think that my connection to those wonderful creatures may end but you must do what is best for you. I love you for the work you have done, the sharing of yourself, your pictures and your spirit.

When the day comes that you close the site, please keep an eye on those birds for us and be strong Lincoln.

Love, Sandy & Tom


I read your words today with like feelings. people are very insensitive, not very kind and very wrapped up in their own lives (and no one elses). i guess we're all a little guilty of this. i also know that some take the injustices harder than others. i get the feeling that you are one of these people. i relate to all your observations and i do have a special place in my heart for the animal world and their struggles. i have enjoyed your website for about 4 years now when i first logged on to find out about a robins nest i had in my yard. i have calendars and your book and love telling everyone to go visit the boat pond and enjoy looking for pale male and lola. i hope you get a burst of energy and enthusiasm to keep doing what you do and don't let the bastards get you down. i have often wondered how much of your self you have sacrificed for the sole purpose of taking pictures of pale male and lola but somehow i always figure that it is what you want to and should be doing. i hope you reach a satisfying solution to your dilemma. i have much respect and admiration for you, your work, your ethic and your loyalty and devotion to our fine feathered friends. be well, be happy. sincerely,

one of your many friends, laura j. b.


I read your post this morning as I always do, and fully feelyour frustration and emotion. I, too, fought an uphill battle for 12 yearswith LA Unified School District, trying to bring awareness and consciousnessto a very dysfunctional system, tried to share joy and goodness and itturned me into a person I no longer liked. I was walking around angry allthe time, disgusted with all the ignorance and apathy and sheer stupidity.A few months ago, after 21 years in Los Angeles, I packed up and moved toBend, Oregon. At 52 years of age this was not an easy change, but I'mstarting to remember now what I love and why and will find a new way toexpress my gifts. My leaving has also forced others to look at things in adifferent way because I wasn't there to make it easy for them. Many nowrealize what I'd been trying to say. Some never will, of course, butleaving can have a tremendous impact when people have been counting on youfor their moral consciousness for many years. Sometimes leaving is the bestteacher of all. You've done a tremendous service to the hawks and to humanity. I encourageyou to take care of yourself. Your work and love will live on in pictures,and who knows, maybe if you move the hawks will feel free to move too, to aplace where they can start fresh as well. Whatever you decide to do, I'm behind you. Love,One of Pale Male and Lola's finest fans,

Beth, Bend, OR





I read your site with sadness this morning, because I could feel the pain and frustration coming from your usual spare word style. I can't comment on what I know you must have sacrificed in order to give the rest of us so much beauty over the years, except to say that without your work, Pale Male and Lola's beauty would have been lost to our eyes, and their lessons lost to our hearts.

Never for a moment think that what you do hasn't made a difference. The tiny differences that each one of us makes, every day that we make a choice to do good, to share love instead of hatred and anger, eventually add up to something wonderful. We may not be here to see it, or we may not recognize it if we do. But we have to trust that Nature knows her way better than we do, and we have to be in the moment and let the wind under our wings comfort us.

Whatever you decide to do is your prerogative; I can't say you haven't given to the limits of your ability. And your ability is huge. Selfishly, I hope you'll continue to photograph Pale Male and Lola, and their offspring when you can. It breaks my heart to think I won't be able to see your new images of those beautiful hawks each morning -- sorry to lobby, but I had to say it -- but if you decide to do something else, I want you to know that I'm immeasurably grateful for the spectacular sights you've already allowed me to see.

Is there anything I can do to make you feel better? To help? I don't know you, of course, but in a way I feel I do. All I can say is thank you...and hope that you will let me (us) know if we can be of assistance in any way.

You rock.

Best regards,

Jean B. Pacific Grove, CA


After reading your thoughts on the website today, I can feel your pain allthe way here in Normal, IL. I cannot imagine all that you go through, every day, to keep up yourspirits. What I do know is that looking at your website is the first thingthat I do every morning. It bolsters my spirit.

Thinking of you, Marie Boschť


I have checked Pale Male's website daily, first thing, before I do any other computer work, for years now. My heart soars with exhilaration when I glimpse his and Lola's faces and antics that you have recorded. And it is filled with hope for their success as mates and parents. I've prayed that the eggs would be healthy this year but I fear resignation and knowing was in Lola's eyes in this morning's report. I don't know how you've managed to persevere. But try not to let your heart be hardened by the banal ignorance of lesser beings. You have truly risen above them with your dedication to these beautiful birds. And I believe that Pale Male and Lola know you as a friend and a pleasant part of their world. I'm sure they watch for you the same way that you seek a glimpse of them. Why do I say this? I've learned to love birds partly through studying your observations of Pale Male and Lola. I listen to them and watch for them. They have different personalities and behaviors and many of them know me. In fact, a pair of whippoorwills that had disappeared from our once lush sanctuary seems to have returned after being gone for two years. They seem to be landing on my property in the evenings. Maybe because I refuse to burn those ridiculous lights that so many people use to showcase their McMansions. Birds here have struggled through decimation of their habitat due to an invasion of garish homes into this area. Now construction has slowed and I'm hoping they can settle back in. So I leave my property wooded and scruffy for them, scattered with dead trees and undergrowth. I have many songbirds that watch for me at my home. Bluebirds sometimes follow me when I walk, maintaining a safe distance but mirroring my cumbersome march as they proceed deftly from limb to wire to limb. Titmice and cardinals peer into my windows if I don't show my face daily. All varieties come flocking when I pull up in my car. That is why I am absolutely sure that Pale Male and Lola know you. Even if you decide not to continue with your daily reports, I hope you will continue your friendship with these noble birds. They need to know you are there. Thank you for sharing your lives together with the rest of us.

Regards, Lynn


You alone have brought such an intimate insight to the glory of so many species. Pale Male and Lola may be the stars of the show, but we all enjoy every photo of every life you bring to us. If you must go, please leave knowing that you have accomplished more in the leadership of respecting our animal friends than anyone else in this century. I share your heart and sadness for what the human race has done to it's perceived lesser forms. Many days I must change the subject in my mind, or I will become catatonic with remorse for our recklessness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy and wonderment you have brought me over the last few years. Every morning I visit your animal friends and smile, and love.

You are a treasure Lincoln.

Your Friend in Kansas City, Missouri.

Martha M.


PLEASE do not stop watching. I know we are not all as good as weshould be but I really love being able to check in on these beautifulbirds. Don't get discouraged. Because of you we have a better understandingof these birds.
Thanks for all you do, Elizabeth


I feel your pain about all the mistreatment to inocent beautiful animals. The people in Palemale and Lolas building should be honored that the couple in nesting on their bldg. It is obvioust the steel frame has screwed up the temp for the eggs. I was hoping all the twigs could separate it. Im so sorry you feel so bad as you have a right to. Marti


My husband and I have been following your website for a long time and are huge supporter of you and the good you have done. We are heartbroken for Palemale and Lola and have been rooting for them to succeed since their nest was destroyed. We also encourage our children on a daily basis to see the beauty in nature and to be aware that our place on this earth should not take away from the natural wonders that so many people disregard. I just want to let you know that we have enjoyed your photos and the updates on Palemale, Lola and their children and will be sorry to see it go. The work and time you have put into the website is great and has been enjoyed, I only wish there were more people like you and with that kind of passion for things so beautiful .

Thank You,

Robin H. Ladson, SC


Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories and magnificent pictures of these majestic birds.You have made it possible for the entire world to know and love them. Don't give up, think ofPale Male & Lola and keep their dream alive. I thank you, we all thank you!

Roseanne B. Harbor, New York


I was saddened by your notes today which indicated that you are holding much bitterness and despair in your heart. And, to see you write that "we should know that this site's days are numbered.." was particularly disturbing.

Words are often meaningless, I know. But it's all I have to convey to you the knowledge that, like you, there are those of us who love and respect the balance and beauty of nature. We also know of the injustices regarding Pale Male and Lola, the carriage horses, ducks, squirrels, geese, etc..and all else that you are so heartsick about. And, unfortunately, we often succumb to the same sadness and anger you do. It is a world that belongs to these creatures to and, of course, your feelings of frustration and anger are completely valid.

And, as words are often so inadequate, I hardly know how to soothe you today. I just wish I could give you a hug and to tell you that so many of us love you and are grateful for all that you have done and given us over the years.

Dear Lincoln, please know that though it doesn't always seem so, sometimes not getting what we want can be a wonderful stroke of luck.

Always it is a great encouragement To feel and realize That the ultimate Truth Can never, never tolerate Human deception-night.

Love, Joan


Having read your messages today, I thought it about time I expressed my appreciation for all the great moments you have given me. I've visited your site just about every morning for perhaps the past two years. I always marvel at your extraordinary photographs and extreme dedication to Palemale and Lola, and all their Central Park neighbors. (And I'm especially fond of Red.)

While it saddens me that someday I may not be able to check in with Palemale, Lola, Red, et al, I wouldn't think for an instant of trying to influence your decision or actions. No stranger on the Internet or in the park has any right to do that. Instead, I will simply thank you most sincerely for the enjoyment you've given me and wish you a full and happy life.



Your writing on today's web page makes my heart break along with yours. Pamela, whose book you signed and which she will receive this Saturday, wrote me first thing this morning and was so touched by your comments, your thoughts, and the eloquent way you express your disdain for those in our society who don't see what is in front of them and who don't care at all. You have friends all over the world who agree with what you feel. If the website's days are numbered, it is not because you have failed; it is because it is so disheartening to daily see what is happening in our beautiful world. I would only remind you as you have reminded me... that Lola has been strong and stuck it out... as have you. And one more time, you may choose to take her example and continue a bit longer. Not only do we love Palemale and Lola; we love YOU for being the person that you are, the example for us all, and the generous spirit that you possess. God bless you today and bring you strength... and may God bring a miracle to the Couple soon. And the squirrels. And the precious pigeons. And the Canadian Geese. You are in our thoughts today, as every day.

Sincerely, David, Seattle


Dear Lincoln - TEARS, TEARS, TEARS falling down my face to read your words - not because I don't understand how you feel, I do. I have written to you before, maybe I am even a cause of your feeling so desperately disheartened.....but I have felt that way too - on Nantucket Island, where I served on the Beach Management Advisory Committee and was so dedicated, like you, to the cause of the loons, osprey, plovers, all the wild beauty of the place, while others - rich wrinkled people in tuxedos - drove on the beach with 6000 beach driving permits issued per year. When we raised the price from $10 to $50 they all screamed they couldn't afford that much. It's all sick - you're right, you're right. I had to leave the island, I couldn't take it. It sounds like you, too, are at that breaking point. I remember sitting on the beautiful beach with my husband watching the sunset, all peace, and a huge Lincoln Navigator drove up and parked right next to us - 75 miles of beach and they park right next to us.....get out the booze and start partying......they were parked on a NO CAR location, and NO BOOZE is allowed.....and I was purple with rage. My husband said "Barbara, if you can't look the other way and just live and let live, we'll end up having to leave this place we love"......and so we did. I have no words of wisdom for you, Lincoln, only compassion. I just hope that you know how special, unique and good your thoughts and concerns valuable they are to the poor creatures so impacted by our selfish presence on this earth......and that you and I and all the others who care - of whom there are legion, they just don't add up to the mindless mass - are the only salvation of our species, if not our planet. I am like you - I am passionate to the point where I cannot keep things in perspective - that is why I wrote to you before, because I could see/hear you falling down that rabbit hole emotionally, and like I said I have been there, too. It has taken me 4 years to climb out of it and it nearly cost me my life healthwise. So, please take care of yourself. Know that what you have done has meant so very, very much to thousands and thousands of people, maybe is irreplaceable. I have not trying to persuade you to continue. Only you can know when enough is enough for yourself, and while that breaks my heart into pieces of sadness, I accept it as your truth and a legitimate truth. You are as much a casualty as those hawk eggs that won't hatch, and that saddens me equally as much, because to me you are as much a gift as they are - the VERY best of what human beings can become, and you have given a gift of immeasurable value by your personal passion and skills. Maybe you're right, the nest should come down, and let them find another place, for surely that bright spirit they have which drives them to bond, court, mate, and endure nesting will continue to live in them as long as they live, and maybe they would be successful if they "relocate"....... I will be thinking of you today, as will I am sure all of your visitors. I'm sure you will have a lot of mail to read. Thank you for reading mine - I'm sorry to be so wordy, it's just that I really care, and feel a bond with you and really do understand your feelings.

Love, Barbara C. New Harbor, Maine


I am sorry to hear you sound so discouraged. It makes me sad. I understand what you say about the cruelty and unfairness of the world, and painful though it is, all that happens is meant to be. There is a God, and there is karma. Know that in the end, all things will work out as they should. Pale Male and Lola are beautiful creatures of the universe, filled with elegance and instinct. Do not be sad for them, they roll with the flow of the universe, and need no pity or judgement from us "lesser beings" - judge not harshly the petty people that judge them, they are the ones that need the pity.. I know that Pale Male and Lola know you and love you Lincoln - I can see it in their eyes as you capture their image. You have been blessed with the "acknowledgement and trust" of wild creatures, an honor most people don't even know of or seek, but an honor of the highest esteem. You have done them great justice in advertising their plight, their right to live in this world that man has taken over. Truly, you have opened many eyes to the beauty of nature, and the right of all life ... to live free - you can't touch everyone, but you have touched and taught many. On behalf of the universe, I thank you. I visit this site daily and love the images that relax me after a hard work day. If you feel it is time to move on, I understand, and am just glad that I came across your site to be introduced to Pale Male and Lola, as well as Pale Male Jr., Charlotte ... and Maggie and Charlie. (It would be so cool to see Pale Male Jr. and Charlotte's new baby!) :0) I hope they are all thriving! Since I go on your site daily, I feel like I know you, and it touched me that you are feeling down, so I thought I would write. I wish you much happiness and peace - Smile!

Thanks again,



As a wildlife vet not working for money I really do understand what you are dealing with, ignorance, vanity, arrogance, greed, selfishness, cruelty and indifference. My heart goes out to you after reading your comments today, and I wish I could do more than just pray for strength for you. So If you ever feel like a holiday, you can come to South Africa and stay with me, transport, food and accomodation all free. Just give me 24 hrs notice. I am in Port Elizabeth, lovely quiet little city. Your regret over the issue of the nest is tragic, but I don't think that the nest itself is the only problem. Pale Male would probably have found another site on another building nearby and had all the exact same stresses. Always remember that he is a free spirit who has chosen to be where he is for his own reasons. Please don't give in to futile guilt, you have done so much and reached so many people, especially the children, which is an immeasurable contribution to wildlife awareness. Thanks to you I have been privileged to get to know a bit about PaleMale and your life and all the amazing creatures in the Park and each day I have been enriched. My life will be the poorer for your absence if you close the site down, so from selfish motives I would like you to persevere! I do realise that you need a holiday though, and hopefully your heart can be strengthened. take care of yourself.

Julia, South Africa


As I do every morning, I went in to your sight firstfor my morning view of Palemale and Lola. For yearsit has been the first thing I do when I get to work. Many of your beautiful pictures are on my computer andI cannot express how much I appreciate what you do. I read your frustration this morning and I am sorry. I know that there are a lot of selfish people outthere and most people do not communicate with natureor even try to understand nature. They miss one ofthe most fundamentally beautifull parts of life. I am one of these people that prefers animals topeople any day and marvel and the wonderful dance thatmother nature has created, except for man. There is awonderful balance and purpose in nature and onlyhumans seem to send it completely out of kilter. If you decide that you can no longer continue to takethe pictures and maintain the sight, I will sorelymiss you. We are strangers, but I want to take thisopportunity to thank you for the years of beauty youhave brought to me. Whatever you decide, take heart Lincoln - in the end,I believe that nature will prevail. In the meantime, I will continue to look for yourbeatiful pictures every morning and look to the sky inmy local park at lunchtime when I take my dog over forour commune with nature every day. I hope your soul lightens up when you think of the joyyou have brought so many....Take care and don't giveup.

Sincerely, Kirsten S. Newtown, Pa


Reading your latest captions, I hear your despair and cynicism, and I want you to know that you are not alone in your sadness.Please don't give up, Palemale and Lola know your concern and feel your love, and want you to continue bringing their message to us. A caring and very concerned friend of the falcons and of all animals.

Luisa O.


I just looked at today's website. I am so sorry youare feeling so sad and angry about how some people areso callous to the beautiful animals that inhabit thisplanet. As much as I understand the possibility of shuttingdown the website, I do want to express my appreciationfor everything you have done for Palemale and Lola.Everything. Your photography is stunning to say theleast, but more important is your heart. You havepoured out so much love for all the animalsthere...they cooexist in a cold city environment. Theycontinue to survive and to me, that is inspirational.They will be here long after these buildings fall intodust. I am planning to come to visit friends in NYC over thesummer...I hope you will be in Central Park sometimebecause I would be honored to meet you. You do what you need to do. Those who understand youwill support whatever decision you make.

Healing, Love, Peace,OM Namah Shivaya,Lyn Gilbert


I read your remarks on your most recent post. My heart breaks for you as I can understand your struggles. It is like you are yelling but no one can hear. I know that you are dangling at the end of your rope....but I also hope that you know what a powerful voice you DO have. You DO make a difference in this world. Your images show the only beauty in N.Y. The concrete buildings and ugly roadways do not inspire, warm the heart, touch the conscience or bring peace and hope to one's being. I send your pictures and statements to a number of my friends everyday. Each one has told me how the pictures "make their day"....and they are all worried and concerned about Palemale's and Lola's unhatched young. They are each inspired by your photography and are in awe of the beauty and grace of these Red Tailed Hawks. Your efforts are NOT in vain...they show the world that WE (humans) are small compared to the magnificence of the world that God created. God created humans also, but we tend to lose our way, become very selfish and lose the ability to see what is around us. We are all here for a purpose. Perhaps God needs you to help remind the rest of us that we need to be thoughtful and respectful of this planet and ALL its inhabitants.

Whatever you choice is in the future, I want you to know that you have greatly touched me through your photography and writing.

Much Affection, Glenys


So sad, another year with no babies. You can see the sadness in Lola's eyes. Destroying their nest destroyed generations of RTH. I wish it were so simple as to tell them to pack their bags and find another place where they would be appreciated! It worries me the way some people must have been raised. They are probably the same type that would go to China and eat dogs!!!


I was saddened by your recent posts about your possible/probable discontinuation of the website, but I'm not writing to entreat you to continue. Every person has their limits, and the sacrifices you've made so that those of us far away may live vicariously through your photos must have been great indeed.

Instead, I'm writing to say a simple thank you. Whether you continue to take and post photos of our beloved CP hawks, or you decide to fold your tripod and focus on your own needs, just know that your daily dose of hawk photos (and some of the best pictures I've seen period) and CP wildlife brought many of us a joy that would have otherwise been missing. Some of your posts and comments have brought me to tears with their insight and sensitivity to the natural world, and you've made me much more aware of my own surroundings here in Indiana. Thank you for that gift. It can never be repaid.

I won't try to dissuade you from assuming the guilt for PM and Lola's continued lack of success, but I know you had little to do with it.

Most people focus on how disconnected from each other all this modern technology has made people, but the internet can be a positive force as well. While I have never met you, and probably never will, I feel a connection with you that could not have existed without your digital camera and

So thank you from the depths of my soul--you have made a difference in many lives, my friend, and I only hope you can see that clearly one day.

Bill T. Indianapolis, IN


I too do not understand why the eggs have not been retrieved. I daydream that I had the apartment behind that window and could just reach out and get them. I sent an email to the NYC Audubon new guy a few weeks ago and got no response. He seems very different from Mr. McAdams(?) I am hoping Marie and her friends may be able to get something done. Meanwhile, there is always the hope that as each year Pale Male and Lola add twigs to the nest, that they will get the base of it above those spikes, which is what I think are causing the problem.

Regards, Karen


I cried when I read that you had become so disheartened. I always start my mornings by checking your website to see how Palemale, Lola (and Red) are doing. As an animal lover I too have had to listen to the derogatory remarks of others who donít feel likewise. Iím so sorry that you are subject to such unfeeling people. While I will greatly miss your wonderful photography and wonder what is going on in the lives of my dear friends, I respect that you must do what is best for you. I appreciate all the time (and sanity) that you have sacrificed so that I can see the wonderful creatures of NYC. Take care.


I am just writing since I noticed you were down in your May 7th post. Please know how much I and my Biology students at Gates-Chili High in Rochester, NY love your beautiful pictures of the hawks and the park. My husband and I have never seen such beautiful pictures. When I am feeling down I check your site and the wonderful creatures and your words make me feel better. I know it must be hard to deal with the ignorance that people show to animals. I feel we are lucky to have you reminding the world that we are not supreme to these creatures - quite the contrary I believe. It makes me sad to see that Palemale and Lola may not have chicks this year, but I am happy to know that their previous chicks have grown up and are continuing the legacy. I see other red tails quite often, and they always make me smile. Such gorgeous birds! Such devoted parents!

Whatever your decision is regarding the site, please know how much us animal enthusiasts have gained from your pictures and thoughts. We will always keep that with us = )

Sarah Carbone-Belknap


The world of animal lovers is devastated that Pale Male and Lola have not had little ones. Please remember that you bring warmth and love them--and to us. They have to know that they are loved. The wild animals I take care of know--I am sure of it. There is more wisdom in them than in most people. I understand that the daily endeavor of watching and photographing them has to be taking its toll on you. Please continue--even if not every day--so that their world-wide fans can know they are safe and well. I check your site every day. I laugh and cry with you. We do our best to help the animals, even if it doesn't always work out the way we want. Pale Male is better off right where he is. If he moved, he would be in "unfamiliar surroundings," and bad things could happen. He's wired to do what he does, as is Lola. Think of it this way: they are alive and well. We love them no less because the babies didn't come. Thank you for all you do.Adrienne


I've taken your essay tonight very much to heart. It makes me sad. The mental shift that you describe is precisely the reason I do NOT go to the park on Saturdays and Sunday, till dusk/evening. I attempt to avoid the masses:

The ignorance and unseeing blankness of the strutting self-important Wall Street wannabees (they could be anywhere, so 'gone' they are); the bravado and posturing; the NOISE; the shouting of the cellphone wielding show-offs; people parading their made-to-order dogs, while showing absolutely no connection or emotion for their dogs. On and on, sights and sounds everywhere in the supposed-to-be QUIET of the park -- it all makes me resentful and angry. It's not my quiet, lustrous pockets of glades anymore. (I'm beginning to sound like an old, tree-hugging, cranky whiner!)

And yet, sitting in the dusk with the lamplight amongst the trees, or resting by the mighty Hudson, peace and beauty DO seep into me. I see more people who look happy, moving slowly and peacefully along the 'boardwalk' with satisfaction. There is a contented quiet. SIGH.

The park is for the people, yes. But WHERE are the people, my people that used to fill the park? The reasonable, thoughtful, kind, empathetic, quiet, adults and kids alike??

But Lincoln, I hear something more serious coming from you. I can only imagine what you go through to follow the lives of the hawks, dawn to night, WITH a job to boot.. Physically and emotionally demanding labors day in, day out. Joys there are and you are generous in sharing them with your vast audience, but what you do is also VERY taxing. I'm not surprised that you feel you want to drop it all.

I'm really hoping, though, that lots and lots of your readers write to you tonight. We offer you a vast resource of empathy. We are (I AM) supporters of your work, and we can be sounding boards for your emotions. I know some readers have been with you for YEARS. I'm only "a year old" in your saga. But I loved your spirit, through your work, after a few days! I'm not alone in this, either. Lincoln, you are a VERY special soul. Whatever you decide to do (and you know what I hope), please have confidence that you can turn to us. I salute you for speaking out tonight. It's not an easy thing to do, I know.

This is a seriously bad patch, that's what I 'hear'. My ears are open for your lamentations, confusions, even 'screams' of frustration. You give so much, what can we do to help you now? Say the word.

We can't change people....BUT sometimes we do make a difference. The good YOU do is so HUGE! If you believe in a god, that god is hugging you right now. As is the huge breaking wave of your followers. I hope this brings you some solace.

Love, Kathy