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May17, 2009

Woodside Houses Father fends off an attacking crow on Sunday evening.

Woodside Houses Mother continues to sit on her eggs which are due to hatch in another week or so.

Palemale & Lola attempts to have a second try for this season--seen here mating on the Stovepipe building.

Palemale dismounts Lola after mating on the Stovepipe building very late Sunday evening.

Palemale continues to sit on his nest even after Lola has mostly given up on them. Lola did return to them on Sunday night and she slept on the nest.

Riverside Park Mom withstands some strong, cold wind at the edge of the Hudson River.

Riverside Park Dad over the Westside Highway.

Riverside Park nest.

Woodside Houses Dad perches on a cellphone antenna on a structure near his nest.

Woodside Houses front garden.

Riverside Park nest.

Canada Goose on the Model Sailboat Pond--a continious victim to cruel treatment and disrespect by Douglas Blonsky's (CP Conservancy) heartless agenda to steralize Central Park.

All images above photographed on Sunday May 17, 2009.

Heartless treatment of nesting birds at Delacorte Theater in Central Park

An incomplete response I'm working on to Adrian Benepe's letter concerning Central Park's rodenticide usage.