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May 17, 2008

Riverside Park facts - Recent mail/Riverside Tragedy

Houston Street Mom keeping an eye on her three babies from a building across the street.

You look out of your window and see a bird beginning to build a nest on your sill; perhaps there is an initial urge to destroy it when you imagine some inconvenience in the weeks ahead. Think of what this hawk has to put up with when she looks out of her window and sees what we have built and continue to build on her home.

The three little Lower Eastside Stinkers looking out for their Ma.

One day we may realize what a more wholesome role model this woman is than the shallow, worthless human ones that are presently promoted.

Showing off their new 'yamakas'.

Mom bringing in food for her young which she caught herself. The Houston Street household has their own protocol in this respect. In Palemale & Lola's case almost all food, for mother and children, is supplied by the former.

Mom returns to her babies.

Dad brings in a pigeon (?) and stays for a minute or less.

Baby pigeons born several weeks ago appears just about ready to fledge.

Triboro Bridge; two babies born .

Lola flying with Palemale over the Model Sailboat Pond.

Palemale & Lola over the MSB Pond.

Welcome to New York City my little friend. I hope we have you around for a very long time.
I hope when more humans see such a face as yours they get inspired to stop spitting they chewing gum on the sidewalks. I hope we all get together and stop poisoning other species, especially when some of those species are your food.

All images photographed Saturday May 17, 2008.