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May 13, 2009

Heartless treatment of nesting birds at Delacorte Theater in Central Park

Lola chose to eat her supper in her nest for the past two days.

You sit and stare at Lola,
I stand and gaze at you.
You see the world's most beautiful creature,
Me too.

My dear little sparrow I wonder if you possessed more pretty, colorful feathers and there were much less of you if my brothers and sisters will love you more and respect your right to live free and wild on the land that Nature has provided for you.

As your life is tormented by my heartless brothers and sisters know that you are ascending in the natural world while we are daily falling disgracefully into more worthless beings which the earth will soon realize her mistake and recycle us into something more worthy to live on her land alongside you.

All images above photographed on Wednesday May 13, 2009.

An incomplete response I'm working on to Adrian Benepe's letter concerning Central Park's rodenticide usage.