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May 13, 2008

All day Tuesday I tried calling the Parks Department for Riverside Park, the DEC Wildlife Division and even Engine 74 & Ladder 35 (FDNY) to try to get them to retrieve the two remaining dead babies from the nest--I had no luck.

Now I know that while I was making those calls the entire nest at Riverside Park came down to the ground around 1045AM on Tuesday May 13th (according to a small note taped to a fence near the nest.

The two baby hawks were retrieved by person/s unknown and according to the sign they were given to ‘the Audubon‘.
Later in the evening the baby hawks were tracked down, they had gone through several hands during the course of the day.
Another trip will be made up to Ward Stone early Wednesday morning, May 14th. In addition to the hawks I am also giving Dr Stone a half eaten pigeon, several pellets and other prey matter found in the nest along with the very nest itself which I collected at the foot of the Honey Locust tree which is only recently beginning to sprout leaves.

Both parents were seen in the latter part of the evening on either tower of a building several blocks north of the 79th Street & Riverside Drive.

Both parents of the Riverside nest seen flying above 79th Street & Riverside Drive.

Riverside Mom - May 11, 2008

Last Monday morning Dr Stone was gracious enough to advise me that people are not usually allowed in the necropsy room. He said it as a sort of gentle warning but of course he allowed me to enter. Nothing could have hardened me to believe that the little velvet angel I held in my hands the night before was now a ‘carcass’. As I watched Dr Stone perform his routine work to try to determine any abnormalities in its body I looked on closely at the many organs and tissue which was laid before me and tried to figure out where did the life live. Where did the mysterious miracle called ‘life’ sit when all those organs and muscles and brain made the little boy hawk push his head up just a few days before to peer at the world outside his cozy nest of sticks and straw? If I had managed to catch that little packet of life which escaped from my poor little friend’s body and held it tight in my hand, how do I put it back into him? And where do I put it back? In the microscope room I watched a black ant walking up a table leg. I stared at the tiny creature and wondered if the little packet of life within that little ant weighed so much less than the packet of life within the little boy hawk. Somehow I was convinced that they were both the same.