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May 12, 2008

The baby hawk which was taken up to the DEC Pathology Unit in Delmar, NY was a boy. The necropsy revealed that it died suddenly from acute hemorrhaging of the lungs. The .65 Kg baby was developing flawlessly and was otherwise very healthy. Further tests will be performed over the next few days for anticoagulants and other possible toxins.

You were a wonderful mother and did everything right.

Mother Nature has another plan which I know you have accepted, but one that I still have a hard time with.

Fordham University Dad after a brief food delivery stop at his nest.

All images above photographed on Sunday May 11, 2008.

May 12, 2008: Dr Ward Stone looks at Palemale's grandson's blood cells after he performed the necropsy on the baby hawk which was taken out of the nest by its mother on Sunday morning in Riverside Park. The remaining two dead babies are most likely still in the nest. I'm trying to get the NYS DEC to retrieve the contents of the nest to get them to Dr Stone‘s Wildlife Pathology Unit as soon as possible.
Dr Stone with his scant staff and an overload of dead specimens from all over the state was good enough to drop all the work he was doing to work on our case.