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May 11, 2009

Lola left her troubled nest for several hours today. Though she appears to be finally giving up all her long hard efforts she still went back to it and spent Monday night on it.

All the animals of Central Park are having a more and more difficult time surviving the greed and heartlessness of an ever growing lust by the caretakers of the park to sterilize and sanitize the park to make it uninhabitable for the animals that we are blessed to see each day.

Palemale & Lola's nest is just one example of the destruction by the cunning human beings which are set of eliminating all natural living things which attempt to exist in the land where they rightfully belong.

Had there been a successful season for Palemale & Lola this year we'd all be still celebrating and rejoicing. People would probably come from far and wide to join in the parties to mark the success.

But after five years of longing nothing has changed to protect and ensure a safe environment for the new hawk babies had they been born.

Central Park continues to poison their food, their nest at present has no room for them to exercise their wings and the lethal spikes of the balcony of the twelfth floor beneath their nest still has those lethal spikes which threatens the life of Palemale since he is compelled to rest of those balconies when delivering food to his babies.

The fifth failure of Palemale & Lola's nest is a sobering reminder for me at least, that I have done nothing for them after all these years. I may have made several grand attempts to help them but as far as accomplishing anything I believe I may have caused more setbacks for them rather than gaining and better living conditions for them.

In my efforts for example to have the illegal kite flying stopped around the Great Lawn I actually made it worse. The wonderful Central Park Conservancy went out of their way to post signs encouraging the illegal practice. Now there is a horrible increase of kites by people who mindlessly buy these nasty things and get them caught in the surrounding trees.

Even so I just cannot stand by and remain quiet about the injustices I see since I am driven, hopefully by some just force, to speak out.

And speak out I shall until I have no more breath to speak!

All images above photographed on Monday May 11, 2009.