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May 11, 2008

After a very tough day for the parents of the Riverside Park nest, they were observed mating at the top of a watertower on Riverside Drive on Sunday afternoon just before 5:00PM

If I were the writer of this story which we get to experience each day it will surely be filled with nothing but happiness for all.

Riverside Dad on Sunday afternoon.

There will be soft, dry places for gentle heads to rest and watch birds fly back and forth in the clear, blue sky, as they nibble juicy grass all day and get icy dewdrops all over their long, white whiskers.
Riverside Mom on Sunday morning.

There will be lots of baby hawks in every nest jumping and flapping and nipping their siblings in the bum and pretending they don’t know who did it.

Every day will be sunny where I can use f/8 with confidence, and good lenses will weigh mere ounces. From morning to evening it will be cool with gentle breezes and there will always be plenty of time before I have to go to work. Squirrels and hawks will be friends and playtime will never end.

But Mother Nature is the writer and She’ll find my stories dull and my plots shallow. I could see Her flinging my stories through Her window and shouting “Mush!” She is harsh, this Mother Nature and Her stories are tough to sit through. But sit through you must, unless you want to cup your hands over your ear and stare at the EXIT sign throughout the long, deep story before you.

But when you look at the way She could make a bunch of clouds move across a blue sky and when you look at the way She could build a mountain and cut a river through it and just by the way She could dig a hole to make an ocean, not to mention the magnificent things She put to swim around in there! With all this considered then you must give Her some credit--She is a great story writer. She certainly does not write 'mush'.

But why will She grant the gift life to three precious little creatures and then take it back so quickly. This I may never understand.

Why will She allow me to end up in a place like this so much more loved than the place where I was born, make me fall in love with so many precious things and then pluck them away one by one...

I can only pretend to believe that She is reasonable, but I try to make sense of Her doings.

Even if I do, I still cannot understand why She'll deny the comfort of crying to these parents who must now look down into their nest and not see the sparkling Universe in those bright young eyes which for so many days were looking back at them.

Mom is still sitting on the St John's nest but no sign of babies.

AS of Sunday evening the Fordham University's nest appears to be very healthy.

Lola is no longer sitting on her eggs and spending most of her days further north of her nest.

Palemale has not given up and he is still determined to get his miracle.

The Riverside Park nest, even with all its sadness, still if you tally up the smiles, the admiration, the heroism and all the love it brought over the past few weeks--two dedicated birds, a few twigs, some leaves and the odd pieces of trash, it did pretty well.

I have one of the babies which Mom removed from the nest. I'll be taking him/her up to Ward Stone in Delmar, NY for a necropsy on Monday morning.

All images above photographed on Sunday May 11, 2008.