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May 10, 2008

Sometimes I feel like just my thoughts may jinx them or change their future. I hope that is not true. Today Lola appears to have given up on sitting on the nest and Palemale has now taken over almost completely. They began mating again this Saturday evening...

or at least they have begun this mating action as they have done in the past three years after the nest failed.

I am completely in their hands trying my best to block out all the things I have been told about them. I have my mind completely open to what they are teaching and demonstrating each day.

Lola visited the nest several times this evening but did not stay. Every time she left Palemale came in to sit. Tonight I did not see him leave the nest up to the time I left after dark.

Riverside Park nest; very worried that I saw no sign of the babies all day today.

From 9:00AM to 2:00PM I watched the nest but never even a slight sign of any of the babies.

7:00AM May 11, 2008:
As suspected on Saturday, all three Riverside babies have passed away. This morning Cal Vornberger called me to tell me that the mother took one out of the nest and dropped in on the lawn. I will take this up to Ward Stone early Monday morning for a necropsy.

St John's parent perched on St Luke's Hospital across the street (113th) from their nest.

An update on the abandoned dog I found on May 2nd (a female which I named Lola):
A friend accepted the little dog the same night she was found, and it seemed that she had the perfect home with even an extended home in the Hamptons. But two days later the dog was given back to me because she growled at my friend's daughter.
Since last Sunday May 4th, little Lola has been taken over by another friend and has prooved to be one of the sweetest most loving little animals that I have ever known.

All images above photographed on Saturday May 10, 2008.