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March 7, 2009

Riverside Dad engaged in the sacred task of preparing for new life this spring.

I say 'new life' but I do have my doubts about it being new really.

Because when you look at the little stinkers popping their wobbly heads up you always see something old and familiar.

So who knows how new this life is going to be...

But it's life regardless...

Beautiful, bubbling life of the best kind.

Some may argue about who has the right to label which is good life and which is anything else.

But somehow regardless of what our words or actions may be.

Deep down we know right and wrong, good and bad, precious and worthless. Someone sailing up the Hudson in a fancy boat will never cause this kind of admiration. And honestly, a human couple preparing for a new member of their family will hardly attract this kind of attention.

Just a little above the Sun a little place of love is being built. All this place is really are scraps of trees and other humble bits of debris.
A place like this would hardly engage the attention of heads of government, but's engaging the attention of the Universe.

All images photographed on Saturday March 7, 2009 in Riverside Park.