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March 31, 2007

Palemale made several trips to the nest today. Lola took at least three breaks while I observed.

Palemale over Fifth Avenue north of the nest.

Palemale passing by in front of the Woody building.

Lola over the MSB Pond off on one of her breaks.

Palemale taking some food for Lola.

On this occasion when food was brought to Lola, she left it on the nest and took a break which appeared just for exercise then she returned to the nest after only fifteen minutes when I assume she then ate it.

Lola over the MSB Pond.

Lola continuing over Hans Christien Anderson.

Palemale passing over the Woody building.

Palemale with the GWB.

Palemale over Fifth Avenue.

Lola returning.

All images photographed on Saturday March 31, 2007.

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