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March 29, 2008

Palemale with Lola's lunch on Saturday afternoon.

This may be Charlotte (Palemale's daughter-in-law), seen here flying over 55th Street & Broadway.

A young RTH flying with Charlotte (?) over 55th & B'way.

Riverside Park Dad.

Riverside Park Dad after an unsuccesful attempt to catch a pigeon at the edge of 79th Street & Riverside Park.

Lola about to take a break which lasted 11 minutes, during this time Palemale did not cover.

Palemale taking Lola's lunch to their nest.

He ate part of it on the Fisher building before.

Lola returning home after he last break for the evening.

All images photographed on Saturday March 29, 2008.

Images frm Washington, DC last week

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