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March 28, 2013

Every day I observe a lot of the ugliness that New York generates. I stress myself out to document them and make grand plans to publish them.

But when I get home to review my pictures of the animals I find it hard to think about any ugliness, especially when so many things went right for me to help me see the amount of beauty I am always so lucky to find. As a result I feel unjustified to talk about or show anything else but those beautiful animals which I encountered in the hours before.

But there are many ugly things which I would prefer to ignore except that they affect the lives of the beautiful animals that I love.
At times I feel I should remain silent and just hope for the best. For what can my stressing do to solve anything. Surely the mighty forces which keep the Universe in motion are not asleep.
If corrupt police, lazy city employees, destructive real estate developers, exploiters of children, etc., are nothing for me to concern myself with, then why do these forces of the Universe torture me with feelings that I must try to do something about it.

Why can't someone or something out there turn me into a person who can enjoy a good parade, and a horse carriage ride who can get excited for fireworks and smoke cigarettes and admire a tree being cut down and relish a nice big beef burger with bacon and cheese with lots of soda.

Why can't these mighty forces just leave me alone so I could go out and buy a TV set and watch sitcoms and late night comedy shows all night to while away the time I have left here.

I guess being tortured is a very small price to pay for the luxury of sitting by and doing nothing about any of the wrong things I see each day.

Thursday March 28, 2013.