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March 23, 2009

Palemale near the East Drive conducting business of a sacred nature.

But no more or less sacred than the business this beautiful soul is presently engaged in.

Or this precious soul.

Still, I sometimes feel he is the reason the sky was invented.

All of Nature blends so beautifully regardless of what stands next to the other.

You can tell right away when some things don't blend.

They must see more than I because they tolerate all without complaint.

Palemale's wisdom may only be secondary to that of the trees.

Perhaps that is why he is constantly in company with those wise old people.

Lola I feel the biting cold and I'm thinking of you sitting on that wicked contraption. The trees will tell you that you are doing everything right.

The love and dedication you both have will conquer all wickedness in time.

All images photographed on Monday March 23, 2009.

Animal Care & Control Response to the Central Park Wild Turkey removal.