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March 23, 2008

Riverside Park Male hunts near the ground.

Lola has breakfast on the edge of Barbara Walters' terrace.

A passing kestral soon decided not to bother Lola as she breakfasted.

Lola going back to her nest early Sunday morning.

Lola entering her nest after breakfast.

Another wholesome couple persue the same noble task just a few dozen feet from the red-tailed hawks on PS 188, Houston Street.

Maybe that pigeon which someone is throwing a rock at is only trying to get a bit of food to take back to his mate who is trying to bring new life into the world.

Lola going up Fifth Avenue most likely to find the spot where Palemale left her supper.

Riverside Park Male waits as his Pale Mate goes off on a break. Nabil (click here to go to his site) observes that on several occassions that the RP female catches her own food during her nest breaks.

Palemale over the Model Sailboat Pond.


Photographed on Sunday March 23, 2008.

Some more of our Hudson River Seal from Saturday morning.

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