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March 22, 2008

A happy sight on the Hudson River.

The Sober-minded Seal Thinker--Stinker for short.
Thanks Leslie Day, for telling me about this and all the other valuable information you share.

This Turkey Vulture got 'his' from Lola when he came too close to her nest.

Poor guy was just checking out the pond below, but Lola didn't want to hear of it.

Riverside Mom with her belly ready to warm some little Stinkers, still in liquid form...

returning to her nest to relieve Dad.

Palemale just after delivering Lola's lunch.

Lola going off on a very short (10 min), break.

The Riverside Park couple.

I passed by the Central Park Children's Zoo many times and was never at all attracted by the seals which swim around and around in their prison which the Central Park Conservancy gladly maintains for them...

There is something so much different about this one however...I can watch this one all day long. Freedom simply puts a different glow in an animal's eye.

I know it's illegal, but if you keep this cuteness up you'll force me to run out there and give you a big hug!

Photographed on Saturday March 22, 2008.

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