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March 2, 2014

If you have anything to share about the CPP NYPD activities concerning their illegal driving/parking, please communicate them to Corey Kilgannon of the NY Times.

NYPD Illegal Parking on Bridle Path in Central Park.

Bridle Path Damage February 5, 2014.

NYPD Inconsiderate Driving in Central Park.

I'm sure many of you are probably bored of seeing these links to the NYPD activities and would prefer to see just pretty pictures and happier observations. However I cannot, as a man, allow these humble observations to go undocumented. I hope I'm wrong but I see the NYPD growing into an uncontrollable mass of ineffective men and women who are milking the City dry with their deceitful operation and fraudulent use of manpower, not to mention abuse of authority. I believe if we allow them to get away with these seemingly minor offenses then it will give them more confidence for their bigger crimes.
There must be a name for a society overpowered and overburdened by Police who behaves like our NYPD, but I don't know what name or term can be used for such a society.
There exists, no doubt, a fraction of good members of the NYPD but on a daily basis I see only those who send me into an alarm mode to get rid of them. I do not believe that getting rid of the bad ones is the answer though because then what we'll have is an unemployed thug without a badge.
I strongly believe that the answer is to retrain them and keep changing their areas of operation so that they do not settle into an ineffective post.
Central Park Cops are more or less on a vacation from real police work. Why pick what I believe is such an important precinct to have such useless police officers? You may say well it is just a park and there are no banks or jewelry stores here for big crimes.
I feel that we have something worth protecting in Central Park that is worth more than what there is to protect in banks and liquor stores and that is children. Children who are easy to impress and easy to fall victim to unpleasant situations which may arise from ineffective policing.
Please expose the NYPD when you see them breaking the laws they are hired to enforce. And praise the ones who are worthy of praise if you are lucky enough to come across any of those.

Palemale, immune to what I believe to be Man's greatest and most damning invention.

Sunday March 2, 2014.

NYPD Illegal Parking on Bridle Path in Central Park.

CPP Jessica Corey, Captain Website Phone 212-572-4826.

New York City Council Dist 6 Helen Rosenthal District 6 Website Phone: 212 873-0282.

NYC Dept of Parks & Recreation Website Phone 311 or (212) NEW-YORK.

NYC Dept of Transportation Margaret Forgione Commissioner Website Phone 212-839-6210 .

Illegal Driving & Parking on the Bridle Path.

Please help me to get this small problem taken care of. Cleaning up the Bridle Path may not appear to be a high priority, but I believe it is a reasonable place to start. It will highlight the corruption of the NYPD, the hypocrisy of the CP Conservancy and laziness of the NYC Parks & Recreation. Getting this area cleaned up and restored to what it should be may force all these authorities to realize that citizens are watching them so they should conduct themselves more professionally.