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March 21, 2015

Palemale over Central Park's Eastside on Saturday afternoon.

Octavia on a nest break.

Mating continues on short nest breaks.

Palemale surveying Central Park from 73rd & Fifth.

Palemale flying over Central Park near his nest.

Octavia exercising her wings during one of her nest breaks.



Palemale teamed up with Octavia to chase a young intruder away.

Octavia returning to her nest. They both can determine how long the eggs can stay in the cold unattended.

Palemale hunting near his nest.

A young intruder comes too close to Palemale & Octavia's nest.

Palemale bringing food to Octavia.

Octavia will take a break from sitting on the eggs and consume the food on a nearby tree while Palemale takes a turn to sit while she is away.

Octavia on her way back to her nest after another break.

Octavia returns to her nest with some fresh nest material.

Some kind of moss growing between the outdoor tiles.

Approaching sunset looking south west across Central Park.

Moss between the terrace tiles.


Saturday March 21, 2015.