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March 21, 2008

Beautiful Lola comes back to take over her nest after a short break on Madison Avenue.

Our mother-to-be on Houston Street has begun to sit on egg/s (judging by the way she is sitting on her nest).

Today when she got up to stretch she could not get her foot untangled from a plastic bag she used to build her nest.

If we really love them we need to start cleaning up their (our) homes. Similar situations exist every day out of our sight--here we're getting to see it at home.

The Houston Street male on a building just east of the PS 188 nest.

Riverside Park Mom on a protected lawn just east of her nest.

Palemale having a little difficulty landing on his nest in the strong winds on Friday.

One of the many beautiful people of Riverside Park.

Riverside Park Mom just flew out of her nest to have some breakfast provided by her mate.

A visitor to the Model Sailboat Pond had no success after going after some pigeons over the pond.

Palemale in Central Park flying toward Pilgrim Hill.

Photographed on Friday March 21, 2008.

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