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March 18. 2009

Animal Care & Control Response to the Central Park Wild Turkey removal.

Sometimes I truly wonder if there is someone looking over them, or if their entire precious lives are all designed by mere chance.

I cannot imagine even the sternest of Mothers who will allow such beautiful creations to fall into a secondary tier on this earth...

while less worthy beings spoil and plunder and hold a reign over them.

I must not be seeing something which will justify this unfairness.

Riverside Park father continues to buildup his nest.


NYC Parks & Recreation is now using these dangerous traps in Riverside Park!
Squirrels can easily become a victim to these barbaric traps and of course...

Look who spends time on the ground also.
I won't bother to post Dep Parks Commissioner Kevin Jefferys phone # because his whole department which are the ones to address this problem are just deceivers. They would tell you that they'll 'look into it' and they will never do--always fill you up with excuses.
Call 311 if you have the patience to endure the torture of this path but at least you'll have a case number and it will get addressed.
If you want to call Kevin Jeffreys directly: 212 360-1381

Click here to read The Contract between the Central Park Conservancy & NYC Park & Recreation Department...Pages 1-20 of 45 (the rest will be posted later).

TOMCAT is a common rat poison containing BROMADIOLONE available in hardware stores and pharmacies.

Central Park and the MET continues to use Contrac containing 'Bromadiolone' and is insensitive to the danger it exposes our hawks to.

Contrary to Doug Blonsky's claim the label clearly warns of the danger to wildlife.

Central Park Rodenticide Use

The MET Rodenticide Use

It is useless writing the CP Conservancy or the MET or even the incompetent NYS DEC. They are all deceitful when it comes to wild animals.

Please do not allow this year to be another disaster like last year.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)

FAX (212) 312-0700