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March 15, 2008

The Mom to be, on her PS 188/Houston Street nest.

The Dad to be, perched further east on Houston Street.

Two Souls 'Caught Between The Moon & New York City'. The Riverside Park parents. Numerous matings seen today.

Houston Street Dad in the parking lot just south of the nest building.

Riverside Park Dad just caught a starling near the Westside Highway.

Riverside Park Dad consumed the starling not appearing too eager to leave any for sharing.
(correction: this is the Riverside Park Mom, not the Dad as mentioned above--so Dad did share his entire catch after all) Thanks Nabil, for pointing this out.

My apartment is a hopeless mess, however if I am to have a guest over I make sure it's clean and welcoming...NYC has some very important guests and it appears like they'll be staying over for a long time. If we really love them we need to start cleaning house!
Houston Street Dad near the FDR Drive (Eastside highway).

Riverside Park.

Houston Street Dad (Mom never left her perch on the nest while I was there).

Palemale on the newly painted Linda #6 on Saturday evening.

All images photographed on Saturday March 15, 2008.

Maggie's Rescued cat in need of a home (Cat has been adopted)

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