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March 1, 2009

Lola appears to have forgotten who wears the pants in their relationship.

Palemale surely was taken by surprise.

But he kept his composure.

I guess when your love is as deep as theirs there is sufficient room for mistakes.

My sentiments exactly!

I envy Conan Doyle who had so many colorful characters with intriguing habits to supply him with inspiration for all his engaging stories.
I am also jealous of Charles Dickens whose daily experiences fortified him with valuable material to write all those wonderful tales.
I covet H.G. Wells for his imagination in creating those fantastic worlds and great adventures.
But the characters which inspire me daily do not rob and steal and murder, they do not kidnap and they do not put any value in gold or money. For the sake of living exorbitant lives they do not lie and cheat and make slaves of, or prey on their weak and humble brothers and sisters.
My sources of inspiration would never murder their child to get their inheritance, and they will never marry for anything else but love. The friends I go out each day to admire will never look down on another fellow for working hard to sustain their lives. I guess my friends are somewhat unexciting in that respect.

So until I can come around to busying myself observing human activities, please endure these bland images of my mundane friends and their dull, dreary lives.

Lola picks out a piece of tree for her nest.

Palemale gets food for Lola and himself near the Delacorte Monument (Alice In Wonderland).

Palemale calls for Lola shortly before delivering her lunch to a comfortable pine tree on Cedar Hill.

Lola about to get her lunch on Cedar Hill.

Palemale & Lola on the Carlyle Hotel, Madison Avenue & 76th Street.

Palemale & Lola mating on the roof of the Carlyle Hotel.

At the end of the day in their world hardly any mysteries were solved. There were no good guys and no bad guys. There was no greed and no guilt even if there was pain and death. But soon the Sun set and put all to rest and there was peace for all that played a part in their wonderful, wholesome world.

All images photographed on Sunday March 1, 2009.