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Lola's Picnic Tree at East Drive & 72nd St Transverse Feb 16, 2009.

Lola on her Picnic tree located near the intersection of the East Drive and the 72nd Street Transverse.

On Monday December 20, 2010 around 2:00PM, in less than an hour the tree was cut down and carted off.

Any possible falling branch from this tree would never pose any danger to passersby.

Gone without a trace!

We have to stop them from cutting down the trees. At least they should be obliged to have a second and third opinion before a tree is cut down. Maybe a sign erected for at least one month informing the public that a particular tree is being cut down and for what reason alongside a phone# and or website to get further information and to voice any concerns.
The CP Conservancy should not have cavalier authority like they have now especially with irreparable damage from tree destruction.


"I cornered Benepe at the Central Park count last Sat. and told him how many people were upset with his cutting down the trees at the Tavern-on-the-Green. They did it to show off the building which is land marked, and I guess to get a new concessionaire. His reply was that “Central Park is not a natural landscape but a horticultural one.”


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