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Little Black Girl

Little black girl please hear my words; Politely give back that laptop computer to the person who gave it to you and tell them thanks but you've changed your mind from owning or using such a tool.

Tell them that you've decided that you want to learn what you need to learn from Nature. Her trees, her planets, her rivers and oceans and especially her wild animals will be your teachers.

Tell them do not laugh at you and humiliate you on billboards like this. You may suggest that if they really need a good laugh that they should...

look at themselves!

Tell them that they made enough slaves out of your forefathers and now you refuse to be one regardless of how they disguise it.

Tell them that you do not need their shoes and would prefer to have land where you can walk with your bare feet and feel the soft earth between your toes. Tell them they should not build hard roads to blister your feet and that the grass and sand is road enough for you.

Tell them that you do not need their cars and trucks and trains and airplanes to destroy your air with their poisonous fumes and to mutilate your precious land to accommodate these destructive machines.

Tell them that you will get to where you need to go on your own two feet and where your feet cannot take you, you do not need to be.

Tell them to leave your animals wild and free and do not shoot them for sport or export them for their zoos and circuses.

Tell them that you already have a language to communicate with your own people and there is no need to learn any other.

Tell them to take back that ridiculous green dress and tie and tell them that unlike them you shall feel no shame to bare your naked body to the the sun and rain.

Tell them that you already have a God and you need no other. Tell them that your God has no name and was never born and will never die. Tell them you need no book to tell you about your God and that your God makes no rules for you and shall never allow you to live in fear like their God does. Tell them that you have no guilt and no sin to confess and that your conscience is clear and pure.

Tell them that you have no need to learn computer skills or any desire to become a slave to modern technology.

Tell them that you want them to leave your land and take their factories and lifestyle with them so your food can grow free and your mind can once again be pure.

Tell them to take their modern medicines away because you will go back to the remedies of your forefathers and if a disease strikes you down that you will be willing to die peacefully and return your flesh to the earth where it will bring new wholesome life to walk or crawl or fly once again.

Tell them that the food of your land is sufficient for your needs and you do not want any of their engineered food.

Tell them to take away their drugs and alcohol and their cigarettes and tell them to leave you to live your own humble and beautiful life.

Tell them that you are beautiful and that you feel beautiful within and without, even if your image does not subscribe to their description of what beauty is.

Tell them that you want to grow old naturally and that you have no fear of growing old and have no fear of death, so tell them to take away their cosmetics and artificial chemicals which hide your natural aging process.

Tell them that you have seen how they live in their land and you have decided they have nothing to teach you, and that you will survive on your own instincts, and that you will watch the wild natural plants and animals around you to remind you that you are just like them, no higher or lower.

Tell them to go back to their own land and live their so-called civilized lives where they tell lies and cheat each other until they die.

If they call you a savage be proud and smile back at them for it is a great compliment.

Tell them that you have no use for gold and diamonds and if you have any just throw it to them and watch in pity as they kill each other for those worthless objects.

If they try to entice you with their flashy ways and their deceptive gifts, just smile and wave them away.

Tell them to go back to the lands where they have already infested so they could eat their unhealthy foods and smoke and get drunk and deceive each other.

Tell them that your land needs no government structure like theirs, and that you will have small villages which will govern themselves to the dictation of the land itself. Tell them you will settle your own differences and you will never trade or barter but will live as the land provides and die happy if it doesn't.

This may sound difficult to do since your ways have for so long been corrupted by them. Just remember that you shall always have role models to observe and they will guide you how to do it right. Your role models should always be the wild plants and animals which have never succumbed to the unnatural ways of modern man.

Depend on what I say to be true because I am Them!