Letters 2017

Dear Mr Blonsky,

I may not ever be able to effectively expose the fraud that you and the Central Park Conservancy are, but watch out for these kids --one or more of them will get you one day.

One of these kids, some day, will be a lawyer or a wholesome community leader or even a bus driver, who will put an end to corrupt organizations like the Central Park Conservancy.

I only bark--these kids will bite! Other corrupt organizations like Disney and Nickelodeon are doing their best to turn them into mindless consumers like our generation have become, but guess what--none of these kids in this video watch TV, none of them have cell phones, and would you believe, not one parent from this group has a microwave oven at home?

I'd say there is a chance that at least one of them will surprise us some day, to put an end to people like you and your phony friends. So you better make sure you hide away those kick-back checks really well. Where are you hiding them presently--Bermuda? Cayman Islands? Bahamas?

Remember even the mighty Swiss Banks which safeguarded the wealth of corrupt people since the middle ages, were brought down recently and forced to be non-secret. This was done by some little kids who rose above the evil ways of their parents.

So enjoy the spoils of your greedy ways for now. Make a bed with all those dollars you suck from our community and roll around in it--stuff some inside your underwear and delight yourself.

I'm sure you were drinking champagne last night when the fireworks erupted over Central Park--where were you? I hope you took off that dirty baseball cap wherever you were so you could get a full view of the magnificent display in the sky. Have no fear for the animals that the fireworks traumatized and killed--they can take it. They have no one to complain to--all they can do is to learn how to adapt to our selfish ways.

Chop down as many trees as would make your friends happy when you improve their views of the park. New trees will grow in their place after you're gone.