Letter to the NYC Parks & Rec

April 19, 2009

Kevin Jeffrey
Deputy Parks Commissioner
212 360-1381

Dear Nicole Moorehead,
According to the manager of the Boathouse Restaurant who I spoke to on Sunday afternoon, the Boathouse parking lot was in this state because "the Parks Department refused to allow the garbage truck to enter the park on Saturday night". I would like to know who the Parks Department person/s was which refused the garbage truck entry. I would also like to know the name of the garbage truck operator who attempted to enter the park to pick up this garbage.

This situation is of serious concern to me because when garbage is dumped carelessly like this it will attract rats. The rats will eat the dangerous poison which your heartless associates refuse to stop using in Central Park, and then these poisoned rats will endanger the lives of our resident hawks and other wildlife which prey on rats.

I realize that the Central Park Conservancy, the NYC Parks and Recreation, the MET and all other profiteering institutions in Central Park do not concern themselves with the welfare of our wild animals since these creatures thus far cannot be exploited for monetary gain. I for one believe I can see slightly ahead of your narrow minds and know how valuable their health and wellbeing is to Central Park long after your tenure of guardianship expires so I will like to see them protected and respected.

Please investigate why this deplorable incident occurred on the weekend of April 19th and take the necessary actions to prevent it from happening again. It is shameful that a restaurant of this magnitude is even allowed to operate in such a delicate place as Central Park and as such your agency should be more vigilant to ensure that they do not veer away from the park's regulations.

Lincoln Karim

If when you call the Deputy Parks Commissioner they give you the old story about not enough staff...

Here is a common example of who these coward people are. They target the people they know they can bully.

I'm sure you realize that I do not condone the selling of cotton candy and balloons to children illegal or not...

but these illegal vendors should not be the only people penalized for illegal activity in Central Park.