Letter to NYC Mayor June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
City Hall, New York

Dear Sir:

Out of concern and respect for the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico I would like you to please consider canceling the 2010 4th July fireworks display in NYC.
May I suggest that all resources and funding which would normally be spent by both NYC and other participants on this fireworks display, go to help in rescue and cleanup efforts in the disaster area.
Perhaps such a move as the cancellation of our fireworks display will remind residents and tourists that the health of our environment is fragile and at our mercy daily.
Since many New Yorkers are not directly affected by this horrible accident in the Gulf of Mexico we may not all be too concerned about it. Perhaps the cancellation of this frivolous and unnecessary annual waste of resources can be a wakeup call to all of us to make sensible changes in our daily lives especially something like a fireworks display which we can all do without...not to mention the horrible toxic fallout that these displays cause on their own; Pollution from Fireworks
If you agree to make such a momentous announcement surely there will be a great many voices raised--by both adults and children who innocently look forward to this annual event, and they may ask why in loud and even protesting voices. What a great opportunity this will be to let them know why, and allow us to learn how we can all help to reduce our polluting ways.
I look forward to your serious consideration of my request.

Lincoln Karim
New York, NY

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