Letter to DEC June 1,  2010

DEC Complaint #: 10-007873 (created May 7, 2010)
DEC Complaint #: 10-007898 (created May 8, 2010).

Dear Sir/Madam:

I spoke to Brent Wilson about two weeks ago concerning the above complaint. He was very upset with me for merely following up on this case. I backed off then but I have not given up and will not give up on this. The building, 927 Fifth Avenue, broke the law by purposely, deliberately and carelessly disturbing an active raptor nest and I want to know that the DEC is taking the appropriate legal action against them.
On a recent phone conversation with Mr. Wilson, he remarked to me in an aggravated tone that 'the building super has printouts from my website'. I fail to understand what this has to do with your proceeding in this matter. Mr Wilson told me that he was not going to divulge any information on the case to me and left me with the feeling that I was a 'bad' person.
I would like to remind you and Mr Wilson that I have every right to know exactly how you are handling this case and that I will file as many FOIL requests that it will take to get that information from you.
Wildlife has very few meager laws protecting them and to compound this injustice by not enforcing even this feeble protection they still have is heartless on the part of the DEC.
You and I know that you treat cases differently based on the perpetrator's social standing. This is wrong and it is illegal and I am going to make sure that you do the right and legal thing.

My dealings with you in the past have not left me impressed with your work and your attitude.

I again would like to know where does the case against 927 Fifth Avenue stand.

Lincoln Karim
New York, NY