Central Park Precinct 2/9/2011


Lincoln Karim
204 W 55th Street #507A
New York, NY 10019

February 9, 2011

Captain Phillip Wishnia
NYPD 22nd Precinct
86th Street Transverse Rd
New York, NY 10024

Dear Sir,
I am writing to ask that you give serious consideration to having your officers become more active on foot while they patrol Central Park rather than in motorized vehicles which is, up to now, their most common form of patrolling.

When your officers patrol in vehicles they isolate themselves from the happenings in the park and they restrict their patrol areas to mostly the main drives of the parks so areas where crimes are more likely to occur, like the Ramble and other nooks and crannies, are often unpoliced.

By remaining in vehicles your officers are more likely to use unnecessary fuel. Central Park is hardly the place for a high speed chase regardless of the situation. Crimes are never commited in vehicles and a criminal at large is more likely to use paths for escape which are inaccessible by police vehicles.

Officers can, in my opinion, have a more enjoyable days work while on foot or even bicycle and they can get to know the park and its patrons better if they routinely patrol the grounds.

Public Vehicular Traffic:

Must be banned totally! No compromises! Central Park should never be used as a thoroughfare for public traffic. You cannot maintain a natural oasis by encouraging wildlife to make Central Park their home and simultaneously running a highway through it. I acknowledge that this cannot happen overnight and like Nature, certain things must take time to change regardless of how urgent it appears.

1. No vehicular traffic to the Boathouse Restaurant after normal traffic hours.

2. No park employees should be allowed vehicular access and or parking at Concessions and other park facilities. Cars in Central Park are eyesores whether they are stationary or moving. There is a much less relaxed feeling when cars are about.


All bicycles should always obey traffic signals at all times! There are several bicycle clubs/groups/individuals which use Central Park main drives as a racing circuit whic ignores traffic signals. This practice must end. High speed cycling can be fatal as it has been on several occasions in Central Park.

Emergency Vehicles:

Auxiliary Police

Should NEVER be allowed to operate motorized vehicles in Central Park. Foot and bicycle patrol only for the Auxiliary Police. This branch of the NYPD is designed to create the illusion of increased police presence which gives patrons a false sense of security. Be that as it may, these Auxiliary Police personnel are better off creating this illusion without the aid of motorized vehicles which, in their hands, are more of a hazard to the public than an aid.

EMS Vehicles

Should only be allowed to traverse Central Park at 66th, 79th, and 96th Streets.

From my observations Emergency vehicles especially EMS and FDNY abuse their privilege of using the park roads for non-emergency purposes. High speed or even moderate speed of emergency vehicles are more likely to compound an emergency situation by traveling at high speeds.