Kodak Falcons In Trouble!

Several comments have been recently posted to your site that are causing quite a stir (and not a few emails!). I'd like to draw your readers' attention to an article posted at Imprints, the nature journal and sole source of official information for the Rochester Falconcam program. Imprints can be read at rfalconcam imprints I urge you and your readers to get all the information about this very important work before forming opinions or conclusions. I can assure you that everyone involved is working very hard with the best interests of the falcons uppermost in our minds to ensure a positive outcome for Mariah and Kaver and their family. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

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I'd like to draw on your knowledge a bit here if possible. I am in Rochester NY where we have had a nesting pair of Peregrine Falcons in the Kodak Bldg. since 1998. I was told yesterday at a meeting that the nest will be removed due to construction on the building. The constuction is deemed necessary to human safety but Kodak refuses towork around the nesting seasons of the raptors for the next threeyears. The local Audubon folks and the DEC are aware of thesituation. This is a nest that Kodak put up willing and wholeheartedly years ago knowing they were supporting an endangered species. (The female falcon, Mariah has about 43 offspring a this point). It is not convenient for them now and so they're doing away with it. Do you have any ideas where I begin in trying to save this nest? I would appreciate any and all advice you may have.

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We have a peregrine falcon nestbox on Kodak here in Rochester. We have had a female here for 11 years and her present mate has been here for 6. We are honored to be able to witness these majestic and magnificent creatures.

Last night at our fledge watch meeting, we were told that Kodak is removing the nestbox to conduct a 3 year renovation plan; that falling mortar is endangering people. The project manager said the nest box will not return. The DEC was there and said kodak is working with them and they are doing what the law says to do. They could petition for the birds to be removed but have not done so. If the adults return to lay eggs, we were told they will be removed. We were told that kodak will help set up nest boxes in places the female tends to go but she is at least 13 and this has been her home for 11 years. Further, as we were told, people form 130 countries watch this nest box. The Audobon society in this area is in charge of the camera after Kodak said they didnít want to be in charge last year.

To be honest, I think there is a way to do the construction without removing their home. I think Kodak is tired of having to deal with the peregrines. We are heartsick over this. We love these birds and cherish them. Itís not like this is a nest in a precarious spot, it is ideal ó high and near ample feeding with a gorge near by. We fear the affects of this disruption on our falcon family and especially since she is an older bird.

Do you have any suggestions for what we could do to prevent this??



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