Kite flying

On Friday July 20, 2007 at 7:28PM I stopped a Central Park Conservancy worker and compelled him to be a witness to a man flying a kite on the lawn just north of Turtle Pond. The CPC worker driving vehicle # K14865 was unaware of the rule prohibiting kite flying in Central Park. I showed the rule to him and read it out for him. I also indicated to him where I printed the rules from; Kite Flying Rule (scroll to Section 'r #2'

After years of trying to get the Central Park Conservancy to monitor and control kite flying in Palemale & Lola's frequented areas this is how they decided to deal with the situation.
On October 1, 2007 they suddenly posted several signs all around the Greal Lawn and Turtle Pond "Kite Flying Allowed". This is the result after the NYC Parks & Recreation Department promised me that they would ensure that the kite flying rule will be enforced. The Conservancy exercising their power and influence over the Parks & Recreation Department has now declared this vulnerable area a kite flying zone.

This kite has been stuck in this tree since Sunday evening (October 14, 2007). Three days later no attempt was made to remove it.

Why would the CP Conservancy suddenly want to advertise that kite flying is allowed? It's like putting up a sign that says 'Consuming Alcoholic Beverages Allowed', because even if it's illegal in this area it is not enforced.

You can see the dreadful kite flying close to Palemale perched on the castle tower. On Saturday September 1, 2007 the kite flyer was back again. The Park Enforcement officers had stopped his on several days before and he keeps coming back which means the PEP officers are not treating this threat seriously.

I pointed out the long kite string the man had in his hand which had several long (10 foot) silver tinsel attached to the string and which tangled themselves at the top of a tall tree on the lawn. I pointed out to the CPC worker several of these long pieces of silver tinsel material which had become permanently lodged at the top of the tree.

I asked the CPC worker for his name so I could use him as a witness for further reports to have this kite-flying stopped and the rule prohibiting it enforced but the man refused to give me his name.

The CPC worker then drove his vehicle closer to the perpetrator, got out of the vehicle and spoke to the him. From where I observed the two of them I saw the kite-flyer laugh and continued to fly his kite for the rest of the evening.

The silver tinsel is difficult to photograph but the top of this tree on the Turtle Pond lawn is laden with the tangled material.

Kite string is routinely snagged on trees where this illegal practice is allowed.

The following days of the weekend the kite-flyer was back flying his kites--obviously not in the least way affected by anything that was said to him on Friday.

I reported this long string tangled in the tree on Sunday July 16, 2007. A Conservancy employee named 'Jack', the night supervisor on Sunday came out and I showed him the problem in person while Palemale & Lola stood inches away from it. He promised that it would be reported and that the string would be removed on Monday, but it still is in the same place today (Tuesday)

Lola on a tree north of Ballfield #1 on the Great Lawn on Sunday morning. There are many trees in Central Park which are laden with hazardous debris like this.

Lola on a tree north of Ballfield #1 on the Great Lawn on Sunday morning. There are many trees in Central Park which are laden with hazardous debris like this.

For three years now I've been calling, meeting and discussing with the Central Park Conservancy and NYC Parks, Law Enforcement about many issues pertaining to the welfare of wild animals which live in Central Park.
The bottom line is they have proven to me that they do not care very much about animals.

This kite string in the picture above is there because of the park's lack enforcement of their own rules. This string as you may well imagine is a horrible threat to the wildlife, especially birds.

Deputy Commissioner NYC Park & Recreation
Kevin Jeffrey
830 Fifth Avenue, NYC 10021
(212) 360-1381

Parks rule on Kite Flying

1-05 Regulated Uses...

(r) Failure to Comply with Area Use Restrictions

(1) No person shall throw, catch, kick or strike any baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf or tennis ball, or similar object, nor shall any person engage in any sport, game or other competition except in areas designated and maintained therefor. No such use will be allowed at any time if the desired area has previously been allotted by permit issued pursuant to the provisions of these Rules.

(2) No person shall engage in any toy or model aviation, kite-flying, model boating or model automobiling except at such times and at such places designated or maintained therefor.

(3) No person shall roller skate, ski, skateboard, sled or coast on any kind of vehicle except in areas designated and maintained for such use.