Kite stuck Cedar Hill, July 30, 2011

Lincoln Karim
204 W 55th Street #507A
New York, NY 10019

July 30, 2011

Douglas Blonsky

Central Park Conservancy,
14 E. 60th Street
New York NY 10022

Dear Sir:

Another of Frank Rodriguez's kites went down on Saturday. The kite is stuck at the bottom of Cedar Hill at 79th Street & Fifth Avenue. The string and associated tinsel bond to the string is draping across the pine trees at the NE corner of Cedar Hill. Please remove this dangerous debris at once.

There are two young red-tailed hawks (offspring of Palemale) which are frequently entering these trees.

They are very likely to get this string caught around their legs or wings. Please make this a priority.

Lincoln Karim
Central Park patron.