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June 8, 2008

The oldest baby (presumably) fledged on Sunday morning. The baby flew skilfully across the busy Houston Street and landed on a tree about 100 yards south of its nest. Not liking the bouncing of the tree branches she (?) floated down to a fenced lawn next to one of the Baruch Houses. Read more...

A beautiful resident at the 79th Street Boat Basin.

They do not have any celebrations, play sports, or make a nuisance of themselves yet they are constantly persecuted and scorned by humans. But some wonderful force must be on their side, and I believe they will be here long after we're gone.

A fixture in our city parks whose personalities and amusing antics never fail to bring a smile to so many of us--my little friend sits here on top of a rodent baiting station in Riverside Park. Inside this box are chunks of poison just waiting to kill this innocent creature.

Bath time at The Gill (The Ramble, Central Park).

The Houston Street Mom looking for her baby after the Animal Care & Control took it away.

The two remaining baby hawks face the same predicament when they fledge which should be any day now.

I wonder how much stress there is in the world of a tiny insect like this little guy?

The San Remo towers during a thunderstorm late Sunday evening.

The watertower of Palemale & Lola's nest building (927 Fifth Avenue) during the thunderstorm late Sunday evening.

The rooftop of Palemale & Lola's nest building and the Upper Eastside during a brief thunderstorm late Sunday evening.

All images photographed on Sunday June 8, 2008.