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June 6, 2008

While photographing Palemale & Lola perched on this camera stand last Wednesday I was stopped by the MET's security.

I stood up to them but they soon called the NYPD and they demanded that I leave.

Here are the law/s which they claimed I was breaking:

1. The MET is a 'high profile' building and no photography is allowed of it.
2. Photography of security cameras are illegal.
3. 'Ever since nine-eleven' photography is not allowed of any 'landmark buildings'.

One security officer from the MET told me that I can take pictures of the hawks but I have to make sure that they are over on the west side of the park. He continued to explain that I cannot point a camera anywhere near the MET because it will become a 'security threat'.

Now all this time Palemale & Lola remained perched on the roof here and never even gave me a word of support. Palemale made several attempts to say something but as he did Lola started kissing him and he, that ungrateful friend of mine, ignored me and just smooched away while I had to pack up and leave.

Above all the anger I had for the ignorance of the MET's six security officers which surrounded me and the even more ignorance of the NYPD officers I feel very disappointed that Palemale chose Lola's kisses over coming to my aid.

The MET's General Council's office informed me the next day that their security personnel do not have any authority in Central Park, and needless to say photography of the MET is not prohibited.
The Central Park Precinct later that night informed me that their officers had no reason to stop me from taking photographs and they apologized for their conduct.

Date of incident: Wednesday June 4th , 2008, 7:00PM
Place: Central Park East Drive at 81st Street.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
John Packert
Asst Security Manager
(212) 570-3781

MET General Council Office
Sharon Cott
1000 5th Ave
New York, NY 10028

NYPD (Central Park Precinct) Officers:
First NYPD officer Badge #18023
Second NYPD officer Badge #5226

All images photographed on Wednesday June 4, 2008.