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June 5, 2009

The Legend of Pale Male Website.

Lola dancing with Palemale around the Beresford on Monday June 1st. Very rainy Friday prevented new images. I added several more shots of Palemale & Lola to the June 1st archives.

I wish I could return a reassuring smile to you guys and promise you that the world you've arrived into is safe and beautiful, but I really cannot give you any guarantees.

Your new world is beautiful no doubt, this is certain...

But there are some wet spots and some dry spots...

There are hot places and cold places.

You'll encounter many hard areas and soft ones.

And it will be all up to you skip over the places that are too hot so you can play in the cool places...

Just the same you'll have to dodge the really cold places and discover for yourself the warm cozy spots.

I am sure you'll enjoy all your adventures and that you'll be happy to have this miraculous chance to unwrap all the gifts which the Universe has stored for you.

So far you have tasted a good many of these wonderful gifts...

And there are a great deal more to unwrap.

Be brave and fearless just like your grandfather...

He has unwrapped a great many of his gifts good and bad, and I can tell you for sure there is not a single one that he would want to give back to the Universe.

It may not be all happy gifts you'll have to open...

But open them all my little friends and delight in the unhappy ones just as eagerly as you would the exciting ones...

It was a wholesome mix of these gifts that all of your ancestors fearlessly opened up which have blessed you with one of your greatest gifts...the gift of flight.

Seeing you fly one day shall be one of my own gifts which I am looking forward to open very soon.

If you ask me I think the Universe treats herself sometimes and wraps up a few of those gifts for herself to open.

Just looking at your face I believe that you‘re one of the Universe‘s gifts to herself.

One of your most precious gifts is having a mother like this, and a tireless father who will never fail you.

Welcome to the world.

All images above photographed in Riverside Park on Thursday June 4, 2009.

The Legend of Pale Male Website.