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June 4, 2008

for Palemale!

While photographing this beautiful scene yesterday

All images photographed on Wednesday June 4, 2008.

It will be a tough battle to get Central Park to stop using rodenticides when they openly sell poison to innocent human children...

I spoke to the Illinois Toxicology Lab on June 2nd. Though they have not yet finalized their results, they told me that so far they discovered the same anti-coagulants in the two baby hawks as were found in the first one which was sent to UC Davis at slightly less levels than the first.

Ward Stone is extremely busy, compounded by the recent suicide of a very close friend, yet he is still putting a lot of effort into the Riverside Park tragedy. To complete his report Dr Stone must analyze microscopic slides from various blood and tissue samples which will take some more time.

Of course as I always noted, the final ‘cause of death’ must come from thorough assessment of data acquired not just from the toxicology results but from several other factors.

As for now I believe it is high time to impress upon the NYC Parks & Recreation, the Central Park Conservancy and City Hall to stop the use of all Rodenticides which has the possibility of harming non-target animals.

There is enough evidence that these poisons are dangerous for more than the rodents which are targeted.

The EPA recognizes this and is getting stricter with their regulations but this is just not good enough. The fact is that rodenticide production is a very lucrative business and it will not be easy to choose what is right over what is profitable.

I acknowledge that rats, like all animals, must be kept in check. Garbage/food maintenance must surely be the foremost basis for rodent overpopulation. It is clear that New York City has a horrible attitude towards food storage and garbage disposal. I am somewhat reluctant to address the city-wide problem and much prefer to confine my opinions to Central Park which is more under my constant observation and most importantly, it is the place which affects the two animals closest to my heart. I trust that all healthy accomplishments acquired for Palemale and Lola will spread or trigger changes for animals everywhere else.

In my limited visits to hawk’s nests outside of Palemale & Lola’s territory I find that almost everyone is willing to make those necessary changes especially when they are shown that it will benefit the hawks which they all admire.

We all need to step down from the pedestals which some of us believe separates us from the natural world around us.

********Central Park's horrible garbage management

Riverside Park facts (updated May 22, 2008) - - - Recent mail/Riverside Tragedy(Updated May 27, 2008)

UC Davis lab results are in for the 1st retrieved baby hawk from Riverside Park:
Blood/organ samples contained lethal levels of two anti-coagulant rodenticides.
I will publish more information when I am allowed to. Please note that this information comes from just one set of test results. There are several more to be performed--bear in mind that only the pathologist can officially declare the actual cause of death in the baby hawks.