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June 30, 2009

I have a name for at least one of the baby hawks at Riverside Park and here he is...
I am trying to get the Dept Of Transportation to install a 'SLOW' sign at the top of the 79th Street exit ramp on the Henry Hudson Highway;
I spoke to Mr J. Orzeck who understands the situation and is willing to do it. He would like to have supporting letters (emails) from sufficient people to support the need for this important action.
Please email Mr Orzeck at: --- --- DOT email:

My letter to the NYC DOT for the slowing down (to the legal pace) of trafic on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Allow me to introduce 'Heart attack-Harry'

I am forever guilty of showcasing the daily lives of the lower animals and neglect to capture the lives of the superior beings which presently rule the earth. Here a human father prepares for the raising of his family.

All images above photographed on Monday June 29, 2009.

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NYC's Urban Park Rangers Deceit!

The Legend of Pale Male Website.

Unforgivable action by the Urban Park Rangers--Instead of sending the body of the Riverside Baby to Ward Stone for a necropsy and toxicology testing they 'disposed' it without any testing! Click Here for more info.