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June 29, 2008

A happy little face at the Gill in the Ramble, Central Park on Sunday afternoon.

Lola about to join Palemale on the SE tower of the Beresford.

Palemale just in front of the Beresford.

Palemale (L) and Lola about to sit and watch one of several thundershowers on Sunday afternoon.

A grackle dressed up as a big juicy blueberry taking a bath in the Gill, the Ramble, Central Park.

This little guy was crying constantly on a tree near Azalea Pond. I couldn't even distract him with a walnut.

Robin at the bottom of Cedar Hill, Central Park after a goodly rainfall.

Palemale over Central Park West.

Palemale about to join Lola on the SE tower of the Beresford.

A disheveled but still beautiful Lola rejoining Palemale after a short bout with two kestrels.

Raindrops on fresh leaves are much less worrisome than they are on delicate electronic cameras.

All images above photographed on Sunday June 29, 2008.