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June 26, 2016

Octavia about to catch food for one of her babies on Sunday evening.

Every year during the very hot months I put out a pan of water for the birds. The Central Park Conservancy goes out of their way to remove it every time. I understand that when you read the park rules you'll find something that says that this is not permitted, but I notice that they will ignore all the beer bottles, condoms, balloons stuck in trees, broken water fountains, human and dog feces, etc., etc., to make it their duty to remove the little pan of water that the wild animals make such good use of.

Sunday June 26, 2016.

The sight of police in Central Park gives many people the assurance that they are safe and that these men and women are there to serve. The fact is the most effective tool the NYPD have in their arsenal is not the lethal guns, or the cars and other paraphernalia that they brandish--the thing that preserves them the most and keeps them employed is their deception.