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June 24, 2008

While looking for the Riverside hawks on Monday evening I stared at this over the Hudson River and New Jersey. Then for a moment or two I was convinced that I was able to read it. I continued to try to understand these words that the Sun was speaking but no more meaning came to me.

I tried and tried but only for moments at a time did I feel I could see those wholesome messages written by such a pure hand.

Too quickly the words were changing and too soon they were all gone leaving me empty...

but I believe that come another day I'll try once again to read them and perhaps I may understand even more languages in time...

How thrilling it will be to read Water...

And perhaps one day I'll even learn to read Tree.

On St. John's Cathedral Tuesday evening.

St. John's adult at the west edge of Morningside Park.

St John's baby red-tailed hawk on the cathedral roof.

St John's adult on a building at the NW corner of Central Park.

All images photographed on Tuesday June 24, 2008 at St John's Cathedral on Manhattan's Upper Westside.

Just some short answers to questions I'm receiving:

The Riverside babies all contained anti-coagulant rodenticide (Brodifacoum and Bromodiolone) but the final necropsy report from Ward Stone is still not complete. The Riverside parents have not continued with the new nest they built in what had appeared to be a second attempt for this year.

The Houston Street baby hawks have fledged and all three babies were taken away and have not been returned to their original location so far. The parents are seen once in a while but not as often in the Houston Street area.

I am not able to get access to enter the Fordham University Campus anymore to continue photographing that nest.

I received information that one baby from the Green-Wood Cemetary RTH nest was found dead under the nest. I have not received any information on the location nor did I inquire because I detected that there may be some desire to keep it private. Houston Street Update