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June 23, 2009

If you are interested in seeing Frederic Lilien's The Legend of Pale Male today (Wednesday June 24th).
*****************Shameful condition of the Hudson River near the Boat Basin presently.

A single father continues to raise his baby after the passing of his mate in Woodside, Queens.

A lone baby grows in Woodside, Queens.

With the fear that our little friend may have contracted the parasite from Mom, Bobby Horvath managed to apply a preventative treatment to the little stinker and placed her safely back into her nest to have the continued care of her devoted father.

Woodside Dad is being watched very closely each day by James Allen for any signs of the dreaded Trichomoniasis (diagnosed by the Animal Medical Hospital on June 16, 09).

(Dr Ward Stone has the body of the Woodside Houses mother, hopefully he'll determine the extent of the disease she had and test for possible toxins.)

Meanwhile Dad and baby appears to be fine.

Riverside Park Dad relaxing in the late evening not too far from his nest.

Riverside Park Mom.

Riverside Park Dad.

I could only find one of the two babies late Tuesday evening, but Leslie Day assures me that she saw both around 5:00PM.

All images above photographed on Tuesday June 23, 2009.


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Woodside Houses setback.