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June 21, 2008

Palemale being chased by a grackle over CPW & 81st Street.

Palemale & Lola on the Beresford.

St John's baby red-tailed hawks on the roof of St Luke's Hospital on 113th Street & Morningside Drive.

Lola on an upper level of the Beresford.

Palemale over CPW near the Beresford.

Lola being pestered over 81st Street between the AMNH & the Beresford.

Robin taking a bath in the Gill, Ramble in Central Park.

Baby hawk from St John's flying back and forth between the cathedral & St Luke's Hospital across 113th Street.

All images taken on Saturday June 21, 2008.

I feel foolish writing captions like “Palemale over 81st Street...“ etc. Their moments are deep and the stories they tell are enchanting. I know there is much more I can relate of what I see but I barely have the words to describe it so I end up simply telling where they were when I saw them.
When I am able to find words to describe how one of these creatures must have felt when another flew over and landed next to them, and how the whole Universe must have paused for a heartbeat to relish their closeness I’ll do my best to relate it to you. Perhaps silence is the best way to describe those moments, but for now until I can find a better way, I’ll just tell you where I saw those thrilling events happen.

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