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Palemale visiting a terrace st south of his nest on Saturday afternoon.<br>
Palemale & Zena's first baby fledged unobserved on Friday. I am not sure when he<br>
fledged but he was not in when I arrived around 4PM. I would like to name him/her<br>
Rik Davis deserves this honor, and I'm sure if he was still with us he'd be there<br>
to see this first brave little Stinker take that breathing leap from his nest, over<br>
Fifth Avenue and land in a welcoming tree in Central Park where he must now learn for<br>
the first time in his life to stand on things that bounce under his feet.<br>

First to fledge 'Rik' (if she's a girl 'Rikki') demonstrating very good flying skills for his second day out of his nest.

All images taken in Central Park Saturday June 16, 2012.

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