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June 15, 2013

Perhaps this is Little Lola (second to fledge), perched on a building north of her nest where she was fed on Saturday afternoon.

Most likely it's Oscar making his way over the park to perch on the Woody Building.

Oscar crossing Fifth Avenue.

Oscar about to perch on the Woody Building.

Octavia over Central Park.

Octavia over Central Park.

Octavia diving off her nest to hunt near Alice In Wonderland.

Palemale and Octavia teamed up to chase this Osprey away from the Eastside.


Palemale hunting near 76th Street.

Oscar about to go back to his nest to get food from his mother.

Octavia tried on three occasions to take the food from Oscar but he refused to give it up.

Oscar is unwilling to give up the unfinished portion of his food to his mother.

Saturday June 15, 2013.

2013 Fledging for 927 Fifth Ave:

June 9th (Oscar)--No witnesses. Must have occurred sometime before 11AM. It did not happen during the Puerto Rican Day Parade but hours before.

Oscar is named after a very beautiful friend of mine who loves life so much that he would not allow any terminal problem his doctors says he has stop him from being the happiest dog on Earth.

June 11th (Lola)--No witnesses. Very rainy day. Could have happened late Monday evening or early Tuesday morning.

Lola is named after Palemale's mate who lived with him from Fall 2001 to December 2010. Any female hawk that I meet will always be Lola to me.

June 12th (Cyprus): 1:18PM. Several witnesses. Very sunny and windy afternoon.

Cyprus is named after another beautiful dog who was so intelligent that I often forgot she was a dog.