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June 15, 2008

Blessed Little Stinker!
Both St John's baby hawks fledged on Sunday June 15th. This one had a little problem, but since there were only a few experienced people around and most of all no dreadful NYPD cops to interfere, our little friend made it into Morningside Park safe and sound.

The first baby to fledge at St John's high up in a tree on Morningside Drive.

Baltimore Oriole nesting in Turtle Pond, Central Park.

Baltimore Oriole nesting in Turtle Pond, Central Park.

Palemale & Lola enjoy each other's company on the old Stovepipe Building (965 Fifth Ave) on Sunday evening after the heavy rain.

First to fledge baby red-tailed hawk from St John's at Morningside Park.

Kingbird nesting near Turtle Pond, Central Park.

I believe that nothing stimulates the mind of a child like the natural encounter of a wild animal rather than the sight of them in cages at a zoo. Wild natural plants which are not over manicured, trees that bear fruit which can be picked and eaten instead of ornamental trees.

These two long time friends of mine are not so different from the rats which live in Central Park, except the former gets lots of love while the latter is plagued with hate.

Palemale on the old Stovepipe Building on Fifth Avenue.

All images protographed on Sunday June 15, 2008.

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