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June 14, 2009

Little Mr. Adventurous enjoying some time away from his siblings--returning to his nest for meals of course.

I was tempted several times to butt in when I heard him bragging to his younger nestmates, but I decided to let him brag away...

He told them that he saw the whole world and how he flew all the way over to Jersey but he didn't like all that radon over there so he came back.

They pestered him with questions about what it's like out in the big wide world and he never ran out of enchanting stories to tell them. It appears to me that they so much enjoy the stories he has to tell that they may be reluctant to leave to discover their own stories.

Riverside Park Mom continues to bring fresh twigs to her nest.

Mom appears to like the method of jumping hard onto the branches to dislodge them, rather than biting them off.

Riverside Park Dad perching on the Westside Highway streetlight to watch his mate on another lamppost further south.

Mom crossing the busy (and nerve wrecking) Henry Hudson Highway.

Riverside Park parents.

Sooner or later I believe that red-tailed hawks are going to discover mirrors because I think they display considerablly more vanity than many other birds.

Stinker #1 searching for a good place to sleep.

Our brave little friend settled in a tall London Plane to go to sleep on Sunday night, but not before Mom visited him and tucked him in as she always does..

All images above photographed on Sunday June 14, 2009.

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