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June 13, 2009

Palemale & Lola enjoying their beautiful lives together.

Every day they keep each other's company and from where I observe they appear to be in a beautiful world.

When I watch them I can't help to wonder if they are indeed just mindless creatures which hardly get noticed by the Universe.

And that the true creatures worthy of admiration are the ones which make cigarettes and dangerous chemicals and bombs and lies.

The blaring car horns at the intersection where I stand pulls me back down whenever I attempt to get aloft to savor their world.

I wish I could get a glimpse of what they see...

perhaps I do get that glimpse because at times I don't hear the horns...

And all I see is beauty.

Bless you my friends for giving me something to look up to.

Riverside Park first fledgling enjoying the heavy rain on Saturday afternoon.

R'side Mom with food which Dad just delivered.

She dropped it on the lawn below and quickly retrieved it.

All images above photographed on Saturday June 13, 2009.

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